Monday, August 1, 2011

Back From Vacation!

Before I left on vacation, I finished a few projects. These socks were a fun test. I did the ankle sideways so that the stockinette I crocheted would stretch the right way. It's quite nice, but I need to make it tighter. It was fairly thick yarn, so they worked up really fast.

Stitch and Pitch was the Wednesday before I left. It was great! The air was cooler than I expected, the Jays actually won and we had fun watching Ace the bluejay play with this fantastic knit sign some of the ladies made.
I won a doorprize, too. As soon as I saw the ticket I knew that it would turn out I won a knitting pattern book. I did, of course. It looks nice, but how useless. If only I could have won some yarn! Several of us won- some of my friends won a copy of one of the Yarn Harlot books, which still would have been better than what I won! I was glad to win and all, but... well, it does seem kind of a waste. Oh well, maybe I'll learn to knit big needle afghans (When I could just crochet them? Yeah... ok, no).

I also finished this tank. I started it on Wednesday at the Stitch n' Pitch, and I finished the next day at knit night. It was way too hot to wear it here- it still is- but I wore it once in nice cool California.

We went up to the mountains outside LA. My uncle has a cabin up there and it's just gorgeous. The air was cool and dry- after the heat here (it got up to 39- 49 with humidex one night. That's 125 with humidex in farenheit) it was an incredibly welcome change.
Andrew and I had a fantastic week. We played tennis, talked, went on hikes, did a Pirate Ship cruise around the lake and even did Zumba. My brother's girlfriend is an instructor and generously did two sessions with us during the week. It was fun! A lot of excercise- WOW do you move. We all got seriously sweaty.

Of course, I found the area yarn store. Mom was nice enough to drive me over one day and I got some yummies. Two skeins of Cool Crochet in chocolate and ebony- yum. I love that yarn and it's discontinued. I'll have extra of my pink, so I'm going to make a striped tank top. I'm excited for it!
The real treat I got myself was some Mirasol Miski. Ooooh, it's soft. It's baby llama, and the colour I got is a rich, soft, buttery and a bit peachy yellow. I fell in love. I considered getting something else, because I could have gotten a cardi's worth out of other yarns for the same price, but there was no way. I was in love and it was coming home with me.
I'm glad I did. It's so soft and it worked up so nicely and the finished hat is gonna be a favorite. I'm excited for fall already! I made it after dinner one night while we were all chatting. My family members commented on it and were impressed that I was just making up a pattern as I went. It was a pretty easy thing- just some cables for density and warmth. I added that little fp/bp rib at the bottom that can be turned up for a fisherman's cap style or down to cover my ears. I only had a tiny piece of yarn left at the end!

My cousin commented that they had all just been sitting around, and I had a hat to show for the evening. That's part of why I love crochet- I was just as active in the conversation as anyone and I still made something.

It was a great week. I love my family and we had so much fun together. We spent one day out on my uncle's powerboat with the cousins, and it was a blast. We did various activities with the whole family and I got to chat with everyone in the evenings, and even sing while my uncle played guitar one night. I have two uncles who play guitar quite well and they played for us a bit. Mom was practicing during the week- she's not bad but needed to build callouses.

Anyway, the whole week was just a blast. Andrew had a great time too, and we're both looking forward to next year. I'm so lucky to have such a great family!

Speaking of great- Andrew got me a Wii Fit Plus as an early birthday present! I spent an hour on it tonight and hope to do 5 hours a week on it. I have a goal to get in better shape and loose a pound or two. I don't really need to- but I'll look and feel better if I do.

I start my first shift tomorrow at the yarn and craft store... I am so excited!

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