Friday, November 25, 2011

Shiny New Things and Presents

So I've gotten a few other new things at work recently. I also bought more yarn than I ought to have last week. I'll share that with you soon. I actually have three days off next week! I can't wait. I'm not traveling, not working, just relaxing. Ok, I have a doctor's appointment and I need to get a flu shot, but still.
Anyway, for now, my new tools!

I got this gorgeous Knitter's Pride Tunisian interchangeable hook set. It's lovely multicoloured birchwood. I love the tips of the hooks and the cables mean I can do long tunisian projects on transit without poking the person next to me. I love love love them.

I also spotted these at work... my coworker and I grabbed them. We're gonna play swapsies with the small and large size. Heart shape pompoms! I love it!

I finished this scarf for my Papa! He claimed to like it, it matched perfectly with his bright red fedora and looked good on him. He said it was nice and warm, but not itchy. Can't beat that.

I don't know if my Nana loved these fingerless mitts, but they fit and looked nice and she was certainly happy with the idea of pretty hand warmers. She thanked me a lot too, and what more can I ask for!

I am deep into my Christmas projects... about halfway done. Need to finish a scarf and cowl set, two neckwarmers, legwarmers and possibly a few more hats and mitt sets. But those are optional projects. So really, 4 projects left to go. Yay!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I was going to do a proper post last Friday- I had the morning off, the only real time off I've had in awhile. Working 7 days a week for a bit.
That didn't happen because before I went to bed on Thursday I found a mouse, so Friday was major mouse hunt day.
I have to run to work soon, but first let me leave you with some gratuitous shininess- I was pricing these for work and I could not resist getting some.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas Gifts and Treats

So a few days ago I officially got my yarn discount at work. I didn't buy anything on day one. I was being good. I have no yarn budget.

But I need stuff for Christmas presents, and that totally doesn't count, right? The grey is a nice workhorse yarn for a hat for my brother. The red and black are for my parents- they'll be ski neckwarmers, the kind with a dickey (heehee) down the back. Nice and fine for those hot days when the snow seems to melt all over you.

It really is beautiful merino- and a great price, too.

I also had to get myself this set of Chibi needles. After all, they're so cute and perfect for my purse. Loose needles in my purse seem to vanish. This set will mean I always have the right needle with me.

And then I caved. I finally bought this yarn. I've been drooling over it for longer than is appropriate. This combination for a crochet featherweight cardigan? Yes! Yes yes yes.
I'll be getting some Christmas money soon, and this actually was pretty reasonable. The rest of the money I'll save, but I'm so glad I got to bring these babies home.

The start of my cardigan. No surprise, it's slow going. I'm gonna do raglan style increases, although super-lazy like. Those stitch markers are at the beginning, and I sorta increase wherever is about closest to them. It seems to be working so far. Hopefully it still looks good further in.
The purple will be a button band and possibly cuffs and collar- I'll see when I get there.

I'm using the crochet stockinette I figured out. Not sure if I have a small enough hook, though.

What do you think, are those holes way too big? Keep in my here the scale of my finger.
I don't know...

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Gift and a FO

Look look, I finished one! Actually, I finished a pair of socks this week too. I had a bunch of days off in a row and really got some good crocheting done. My boyfriend was home this week and he got some great new videogames to play (Batman: Arkham City and Uncharted 3, which is like watching a really great adventure movie) and I sat and worked while he played. The socks are a Christmas present for his Mom... they were supposed to be a birthday present, but shhhh.
Love this cardigan. It's cozy and feels great but I like how it looks, too. I was super way off on gauge, but I (super secretly!) don't care. It ended up longer than planned but I took some rows out of the sleeves so they weren't too wide. I love the super long look of this.
That ribbed edge though, I thought I was gonna go a bit nuts.

I finished this owl set for a friend's birthday. We went out to the pub last night for a steak dinner and I gave her the set. She loved the hat and said the gloves would be perfect for work.

Her phone charm apparently just fell off, too- so this teeny owl toy I whipped up the morning of the party will have a new home. Isn't he sweet? I am having so much fun making little minis.