Thursday, June 7, 2012


I haven't done very much here in May, have I? It was a difficult month for me. There was so much going on- helping produce a cousin's play, getting almost full time hours at work (full days means I'm out of the house over 10 hours), I got really very sick for a few days, I've had things like bridesmaids fabric shopping and a wedding afghan to finish making and I've just been worn down.
I have two patterns written for the month, but I haven't had the time or energy to finish the samples for them. I'm hoping to finish both in June to catch up, but I'm not too worried about it. It was just a plain tiring month for me, and I have to cut myself some slack sometimes!
I wouldn't have made it through without the support I got this month. My fiance has been amazing. Every night I had to come home at 10 pm after work and he was making dinner and told me to go soak my feet and rest and that he would finish cooking. Telling me that he could do the dishes, or go get groceries for us so that I would get just a few more minutes of rest. Making me tea and bringing me ice cream while I was sick and felt too weak to get out of bed.
It can be easy to forget how much you need and rely on someone, but this month certainly brought that home to me. No wonder I decided to marry him! Thank you, dear.

I have been crocheting, too. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to posting some of the stuff I've done!


  1. hope you're feeling better! i've been attacked by the cold/flu bug too, and it sucks. i think having wonderful partners make all the difference in getting well again - especially when there's ice cream involved. ;)

  2. Months like that suck, hope you get some time to yourself soon!