Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Heat

 It's been a hot, sticky, humid summer here. I'm glad to escape to the store every day.
We bought a little air conditioner for our room last week, and it has been heaven. Being able to escape the oppressive humidity for a little while is wonderful. Last summer I just went grocery shopping almost every day.
I've really been doing most of my crocheting lately at work because of the heat. It's just miserable to work on anything some days. Last week was a bit cooler, and I just got access to our Netflix account, so I crocheted like mad. Still, most of what I've done lately has been on my commute or at work.

 I finished blocking this shawl. It's absolutely huge- I love it. I'm just looking forward to a chance to wear it. I think the only time I'll be able to in the next little while is to combat the overly cold AC at work.

This little shrug is perfect for work! It's not enough when they have the air really, really cold- but it helps. It's also going to come in handy for covering up bra straps. I'm thinking about you, adorable racer-back dress!

I've made some progress on my laceweight cardi, too. Another inch or so and I'll be moving on to the armholes- and this time, they'll fit properly.

 This is what I was working on- a super yummy cotton tank. I call it my fake crab tank, because that's all I can think of with this colourway. I love it. I'm not a fan of organic products, and I usually try to avoid them... but sometimes a clearance yarn comes along that you just can't resist. Well, that's not entirely true. I resisted this yarn the first time we had it. When we got it again, it was too much for me. I had to have it!

But I haven't been working on my tank lately, because of this beauty. It's the lace pullover from the vogue crochet issue. It's basically the whole reason I bought the issue. I went to Romni the other day after work and let me just say, trap! They're having a 20% off all yarn sale, and I was looking for some fingering weight for this, and this gorgeous 50% silk blend just sorta fell into my arms. It's Diamond Silk 4 ply, and it's awesome. Splitty as anything, but worth it. So worth it. It's 35% microfibre, 15% wool. 
I'm getting near the end of this pattern, and I can't wait to wear it. It will be a bit warm, though.
I've noticed a few errors in the pattern. The last row in the sleeve section is just bizzare, so I rewrote it, and the front yoke was written so that the pattern would be on the wrong side, so I just started at the other end. 
It's getting there, though. Just need to do the other side of the sleeves, seam at the top and weave in the ends. And block- it's gonna need some serious blocking! I'm excited, though. We're heading to my family reunion in New York state at the end of the month, and I really want to wear it there.

I have a busy month before then, though. We're about to leave for a showing for a new apartment, and we have more tomorrow. We want to move by August, although September works too. I am really excited for us to finally have a place just for us, no roommates. Wish us luck!


  1. lady, that is a gorgeous pullover...and can i just say how impressed i am with your dedication to your projects in all this absolutely disgusting heat?! woah! :)

    good luck on the apt's so hard finding a place sometimes, but at least summer is a good time to figure out whether or not your heating/cooling bill will be through the roof, right? haha. anyway...what neighbourhoods are you looking in?

    1. Thanks! I really have mostly been crocheting at work in the sweet, sweet ac.
      We kinda want to stick around High Park, but really we're looking anywhere near the subway at this point. We have a few nice looking showings tomorrow, fingers crossed.

  2. is that a dahlia i see? I have made 3 so far, and I see more on the horizon.

    Love the pullover - added to my queue!!

    1. It is Dahlia! My second. I love it.
      Yes, the pullover is awesome. I looove wearing it!