Monday, September 3, 2012

Moving, Recovering, Crocheting

It feels a bit like life is finally settling back down. I'm mostly healed, and after tomorrow I can start doing some light lifting and carrying. I'll be able to get the house in shape! I can't wait to finish unpacking this place. It's going to look so wonderful once I do.
We went out yesterday to the dollar store and local bargain store to get some things we needed. Exciting things, like soap and a garbage bin and toilet brushes. We also got a bit of candy and Andrew found a little T-rex that has a trigger operated mouth. He spent the rest of the trip making the little guy nom on everything in the store, and I wasn't surprised when he got added to the pile of things to take home.
On the trip home, I laughed at how many toys our future children will already have.

Speaking of buying things, I got myself some absolutely lovely treats on my birthday.

These fantastic sparkly shoes are for the wedding! I just love anything sparkly, and sparkly silver heels did me in. And look, a short heel! I can't wear the tall spike heels that are popular right now.
I adore these. I wish I could wear them to work!

This is the crown jewel, so to speak.  I finally found my wedding tiara! A girl who loves sparkly things and being a ridiculous princess and the centre of attention just couldn't pass up the perfect chance to get a tiara, no? I adore it. I wish I could wear it to work every day.
And aww, it's a picture of the old apartment. How I don't miss it. I love you, new apartment.

Speaking of old apartment and weddings, here's a shot of the wedding blanket I whipped up for a dear old friend for her wedding. I only had a week to make it, and I'm pleased with the results. I am absolutely addicted to granny stripe blankets.
I ran out of the yarn and had to pop out to get some more. Unfortunately I couldn't find the same purple, so I got the only one they had. Since it was so different, I added small stripes to the top and bottom with the new purple and the different dyelot blue. It's a pretty andd snuggly blanket, and my friend told me she teared up when she saw it! Just the kind of lovely friend I like to make things for. I hope it keeps them warm for many happy years.

Earlier in the week when I started feeling better, I decided to do some baking. My upstairs neighbor kept her little daughter very quiet for me when I was healing from the surgery, so I decided to bake some muffins to say thank you.
As you can see, the first batch were fail muffins. I found out the hard way that my oven overheats by about 25-50 degrees!

The second batch turned out much better, even if my muffins never seem to rise properly. Yummy little oatmeal chocolate chip muffins. I gave some to my neighbor and some to my new superintendent, a nice man who tells stories so long that I will always have to budget some extra time to pay rent. Not that I mind- he tells a great story!

My next baking was a bit more adventurous- I made a french loaf. I haven't baked bread in quite awhile, so I wasn't sure how it would turn out.

Thankfully it turned out to be the yummiest, nicest looking bread I've ever made! I still want to get my bread a bit lighter and fluffier, but this make absolutely wonderful honey toast. Hmm, I should go have some for breakfast.

My sweet new nephew was born in early August. It was lovely- we all found out on the family reunion. Nothing quite like getting to walk down a little path by the shore with your Dad to the cottages of all your family members to announce the newest addition! It's a memory I will treasure. I love technology- we got to show off his picture on the Ipad and got to do some brief FaceTime to chat with my brother and see the new baby on the other side of the world in China.
I made him a little set of booties and bib. The bear is for his nickname, Teddy Bear.

I also made a little jacket. I don't know if it will fit him or his older brother. Either way it was fun to make and I love how the yarn striped and pooled.
Andrew was watching me make all these baby things, and asked in a slightly concerned voice if there was something he should know. Silly boy, he knows there is a new nephew!

I finally got some pictures of the Lace Pullover I made. Isn't it beautiful? It was love at first sight with the pattern. I found some gorgeous silk blend yarn on sale, and it just seemed to fly off my hook. I had the whole thing done in a week.
This is out by our bus stop. The condos across the street are quite pretty, and I love that there is green space in this neighborhood.

This is my current project, and one that I'm very proud of. The cable pattern took a bit of fiddling, but I really like how it turned out. I can't wait to finish these sockies and wear them.
They've also really inspired me. I am thinking about an e-book of slip stitch socks. Fun ones- lace, cables, all the fun things that knitters have and that crocheters have so little of.

Forgive my very long post today, but I think I've just about caught you up! I feel like I'm just starting to catch up to my own life after surgery. The first bandaid fell off yesterday, and the other two get pulled of tomorrow, 2 weeks after surgery. That's the date where I can start doing things again, and I can't wait!


  1. Good to hear your well on your way to recovery! And nice to see all the great crocheted items! That top is stunning!

  2. lynn! gosh, there's so much to respond to here, i had to wait a few days to process it + not write millions of exclamation marks everywhere! (though, evidently, i will be doing that anyway...haha)

    firstly, those shoes are ADORABLE! i know what you mean about the shorter heel...i'm actually useless in any heels, unless they're platforms. (and i'm not really willing to do those unless i'm going out!) and the tiara is PERFECT...where did you get it?! it's such an unusual design, and i really like it. :)

    i'm glad you're starting to feel better - surprise surgery is never fun, and dealing with the after-effects (especially in a new apartment!) must have been crazy! at least your work hasn't suffered, haha...those pieces look amazing. i've always wanted to make socks, in particular - they would be such a great project, but maybe not one to try right away...i'm a really big failure at knitting; not sure how i'd do with crocheting!

    lastly, that bread looks so delicious, i can't even tell you...would you mind posting the recipe you used? i'm always afraid of baking anything bread-related, but your shots make me want to throw caution to the wind...bring on the (potential/eventual) failure!! haha. :)

    1. I got my tiara in the dirty duff mall- walking through it was on one of those random middle of the mall booths. I wasn't going to get it because it was kinda pricey, and then she told me it was half price and all was lost!

      I'll try and scan the recipe- it's from one of my grandmother's old cookbooks published about 60 years ago. It's one of my favorite bread recipes because it only makes one loaf. That's usually all I can eat!

    2. oh, the dufferin mall (also known as the bastion of EVIL! if you're me). siiiigh. at least you got a sweet 1/2 price tiara! :)

      and i hope you do post that recipe...i've been curious about making bread, but too nervous to try any recipes i find online (who knows if they actually work!?)...but since i know you're a real person (haha), i can trust you to post something i know will work! :D i can't wait, since it looks seriously SO.DELICIOUS.omg.