Sunday, January 4, 2015

Stash Flash!

So I spent many hours today pulling out every single ball in my stash and sorting through it. It took a long time and was exhausting... but fun, too. I enjoyed going through it. Got rid of a bunch, got a bunch ready to give away. Found some with signs of moth issues, and some stuff that just got tossed. All of the yarn I've kept is stuff I'm pretty sure about wanting to use.

This is all of it dumped onto the couch.

This if all of my acrylic and man made yarns.

Here is all of my cottons.

This is my little fibre spinning stash. I intend to never let it get bigger than this- I'm a slow spinner. I only finish a few projects a year. 6 kinds of fibre waiting to be spun is as much as I ever want!

This is all of my animal fibres and blends. Yummy wools.

Here is all the animal fibre sorted by colour.

More views of the delicious yarn.

I love all of this yarn so much.

This is the frog pile- stuff on the right is wips I had forgotten about that I'm pretty sure I'm going to finish. I'll need to add them to the wip-down.

This is all my scraps and partial balls.

And then I had to take some silly pictures of lying on the yarn.

I love my yarn, but I am ready to stash down. I am very much glad that I have all of it, and I loved all the great sales I got when the store closed. But now my stash is bigger than I want and I'm ready to make it smaller.
So... this year, I'm going cold sheep. No buying new yarn this year, except anything that I need for gifts that are leaving the house. If I get through the year without buying yarn, I'll buy myself some of the seasilk I've been dying to get for years. Wish me luck!

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