Monday, March 2, 2015

Good morning sunshine!

It has been an absolutely frigid winter. Two pairs of pants and four layers on top in the cold hallway where I work.

Thankfully I have lots of wooly things to keep me warm. How does everyone else do it?

These had been unfinished for ages, but I really needed something to keep my hands warm and couldn't find my other fingerless gloves that had partial fingers. It's also nice to finally have them done!

The big excitement for me was finishing this sweater over the weekend. I've been working on it since May on and off, and it's one of those projects that felt like it would never be done.
Above is before blocking.

This is after the first blocking- I decided it was too loose blocked like this, so I reblocked it and made it somewhere between the two. I might just lay it flat and let it sit like the unblocked sweater because I like the collar shape in the top photo, but for now it's a drapey collar and a snugger bodice.

I love this sweater! I had to pull the sleeves out so many times- I easily pulled out a whole sleeve and then some figuring the first one out. But now they're perfect- not too tight, not too loose. They fit with no sleeves underneath, or with a light layer. They also fit inside a heavier sweater.

It's almost time for me to leave for work, where I'm excited to show off the finished sweater to my knitting coworker, and to the people who watched me working on it over lunch the last few months. Now to add some layers on top.

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