Friday, April 29, 2011


I've been doing nothing but crochet lately. I finished my mohair pullover- I am pretty pleased with how it turned out!The fit is nice, it's comfy and it's just the right temperature for spring/fall. I am pretty pleased with my 2$ of thrift store yarn, I gotta say.
The sleeves were a bit short when I finished, so I did the laziest blocking job ever. I just got the sleeves wet and then hung them pulling down to dry. Now they're plenty long enough and I didn't have to redo the blocking on the body!
My desk last week. I bought more buttons. I don't use buttons very often, I have two boxes and now my felted bowl full... but I love them!

So I had to decorate my next felted bowl with them. I'm planning a blue and green bowl with button flowers and clouds and things next.

But yeah, frustrations. Today, like yesterday and the day before, I sat at home and watched TV and crocheted. On one hand, I'm watching 30 Rock and crocheting, so it's awesome, but on the other hand, I want a job. I want to be working! Of course, since my nephew will be here in two weeks and I want to be unemployed then so I can spend as much time as possible with him...

My socks were not helping today, either. I started a new pair with some awesome rainbow yarn last night at yarn night. I got the foot done today and started on the heel.
I hate doing heels. Not because of the heel itself, but because I can't find a heel I like. I redid the heel on this sock 3 times and I'm pulling out for a 4th try now. I finished the sock.. and it looked weird. All my heels are too short so I have to do these annoying back and forth slip stitch rows to make them tall enough. I don't want to have to do that every time- it's my least favorite part of the socks I've made.
I want to try another heel but I'm not sure it will work if it's not sc. I want it to be sl st, because it's more comfy... Hmm, I just had an idea. I want to do the type of heel where you decrease at the end of rows, get to the last 10 stitches and then work back increasing and sl stitching to the ends of rows. What if I did sl st going out and then sc coming back?
The sc would be taller, so the heel would go up higher and that's what I want, and the bottom would be nice flat comfy sl st.

Ok, I have something new to try. Of course, now I have to go and finish pulling back the yarn (and it would be a sticky kind of yarn that's just miserable to pull out. And I would have cut the yarn in three places making the dang heel and ankle).

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  1. Love that pullover. I'm usually averse to actual crochet clothes but now I must reconsider...

    And buttons! I need to start my own collection!