Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mom's Scarf

Today I finally finished the scarf for my Mom's birthday. Ok, I say finally, but I only started it over the weekend. Still, I'll be seeing her in two days.

It looked kinda hilarious right off the hook. A bit small, and you can tell one end was way bigger. The other end was really tight and too small.

I love my blocking wires. It grew a lot after washing and blocking and really started to look nice. I love the pattern.

I set up a fan in front of it, and it dried in just a few hours.

Isn't it pretty? Now I just have to wrap it nicely along with her other gifts, and hope that she likes it!


  1. That is a really pretty pattern! And I love the color as well! What exactly are blocking wires? I don't think I've ever heard of those.

  2. Thank you! Blocking wires are incredibly useful and also something I just got...
    Basically, you weave them through the flat edges of the project (mine also come with a few flexible wires for curves!) and then instead of trying to pin the whole edge out evenly with little pins, you simply pull the wires and pin across the edges to keep them flat.
    It makes it a lot easier to get a nice even edge!

  3. Where's the pattern from? Absolutely gorgeous, and great colour too!

  4. The pattern is the Juliette scarf. I ordered the booklet for a different pattern and fell in love with this one, too :)