Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On The Mend

Finally I'm just about back to normal. I'm on my last day of amoxicillin and my tooth-holes appear to be healing well.
While I've been getting better, I've been doing a lot of sitting around and crocheting, mostly while watching MASH. I'll admit, it's been kinda awesome that way. Anyway, the project I've been working on is the River Walk Wrap from the latest Interweave Crochet.

It's beautiful. I love the pattern and I'm really pleased with how it's working up- I'm more than halfway now. It is also an incredibly non portable project. As you can see I'm working from 3 cones of cobweb weight, which together make up almost laceweight. The two smaller cones are 100% silk that's basically sewing thread, but really gorgeous. The huge cone is cotton/acrylic, and it's very soft and nice to work with. I love Value Village- they were all about 1.99-2.99. Yummers.

I have other plans for this yarn, too. The cotton/acrylic blend is gonna get mixed with another cone I have of laceweight acrylic in light blue and I'm gonna make some socks out of it. Just to see how it feels, really- with this much yarn to play with, I definitely feel free to experiment.

Just for fun, here's the bigger version of my new ravatar. I decided my old one wasn't crochet themed enough. Inked with a sakura graphic marker and coloured with various art markers.

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