Saturday, December 24, 2011

On My Way!

Tomorrow we head off to holiday things. Some time at Andrew's parents for Christmas, then off to Cuba for a week! I can't wait.

I pulled out my yarn last week to tidy up. Isn't it lovely?

I may have acquired more since...

I finally blocked this shawlette for Andrew's Nan, who is totally awesome. It's made with merino/silk laceweight yumminess. I also got her a dpn case because she makes lots of little baby hats and things.

These practical and lovely little neckwarmers are for my parents. They ski a bunch and I know it's a pain to have water drip down your back... so voila, lovely superwash wool neckwarmers with a bit of a dickey attached.

And my present to me... my dress is only half finished but I am very excited. I needed more yarn and it just so happened that there was more at the warehouse! I am just about the luckiest person ever.
I still have a few more presents to finish... I finished legwarmers for my brother's girlfriend today and I'm working on a few more things for my parents. I also have a sweater with just the arms left to do that I'm bringing along to finish (though I must admit I'm not sure about that... I mean, a whole sweater? I can just leave it in the suitcase that's staying behind and I really want to get it done, but still...)
Anyway, I need to get to sleep. We're catching the train out tomorrow. I need to wind some yarn up first, but bed is calling me...

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