Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An order...

Last week I got a Knitpicks order in the mail. A wonderfully ridiculous order that included 55 balls of yarn and a gift for someone else.

It included yarn for some projects I can't wait to start:

Wool of the Andes for a sweater, as yet undecided. Probably a cardigan. I keep having ideas and then forgetting them on this one!

Telemark for a lovely relaxed cabled sweater- probably the green one from the latest Crochet! (Which, might I add, was surprisingly amazing!)

Some laceweight. The red is for another Dahlia shawl. I love the red version in the magazine and need some more lovely red in my wardrobe. Did you know that red has been proven to make you more attractive? I want to wear more of it- it doesn't hurt that red also looks pretty great on me.
The yellow I've just adored for a long time. The golden colourway is really appealing to me. Although it has more bright green-yellow in it than I expected, I love it and I'm really excited for deciding what pattern I'm going to use.

This is for a plush ARG toy. It's gonna be part of Andrew's christmas present, but I don't really know when I'm gonna get to it. He's already gotten fingerless mitts and a hat, though, so I don't feel too bad.

Then some crayon for a blanket. Not until I finish the other crayon blanket I'm making! That behemoth is gonna haunt me for awhile...
I had to order it, though... they're discontinuing crayon and I LOVE crayon! I'm a little sad- it was what made me make my first KP order.

And this I'm really excited about... Sugarbunny. I am making mitts and a hat and maybe a cowl out of this. Angora. Super soft and lovely and a delightful pink, I can't wait!

I'm not working with any of it yet, though. Right now I'm working with yet more new yarn. I was shelving the new clearance yarn and a bag full of cashmere blend with the help of an enabling coworker ended up coming home with me. I'm making a dress to wear when I go away over New Year's.
I have some more pictures to share- other new yarn and some fun things, but for now I'm gonna get back to the dress. I want to finish it tomorrow and maybe get some other projects a little further along.

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