Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Mode

I have definitely been in winter mode lately. Due to some strange but not serious medical things I was feeling really down and just exhausted. Much better now, but I feel kinda hunkered down, as though I should stay inside crocheting until May.

I made myself some wicked angora blend mittens for when I do have to go outside. They're so soft and so warm. I adore them. The white is some Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit a coworker donated to my cause. It's 100% angora and totally awesome! The pink is the Sugar Bunny I got myself as a treat before Christmas.

The matching hat. I was going to make a matching scarf as well before I realized how dumb that would be. Yes, it would be super warm, but I don't want a mouthful of angora all the time. I always wear my scarves up on my face to keep it warm.
Speaking of angora getting everywhere, because of these yummy projects my black winter coat looks as though it's been attacked by a madly shedding pink animal. I've cleaned it a few times, mostly, but I don't think I have enough lint roller sheets to really get it clean.
I think my boyfriend may just be a bit ashamed of the state of my coat. Whatever, the angora is worth it.

I finished this pair of socks for a test crochet. I adore them. The heel is perfect. My old heels I was making were never quite right, but this one is perfect. I'm going to start using it for my vanilla socks. They get closer and closer to perfection.

This is a pattern I just published on Rav.
My new year's goal was to publish at least one pattern a month this year. I already have my sweater that's being tested right now (someone finished it! It looks amazing! Eee, I feel like a real grown-up designer!) and another cowl that just needs a few more pictures, so things are starting off well. I'm also going to be writing up the design for the mitts pictured above and a hat similar to above. They're so nice and simple, but really warm.

This cowl pattern is free- it's so simple- but the other two I have ready I'm actually going to charge for! I want to get in to designing more seriously, and this has been a great start. I have lots of ideas... now I just need to start putting them down on paper.

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