Monday, January 30, 2012

WIP Blindness

Yesterday I finished my tunisian cowl and sighed.
"I have no wips left!" cried I, to myself.
For a moment I sighed, wishing I had something to work on.
Then I near smacked myself upside the head, because if there is anything I have, it's WIPs.

Here, let me take you on a journey of a few of them.

Meet my WIP bag. It doesn't house all of them, but it does have many of the projects I'm currently working on.

The stuff on top- two cardigans and a little wrap sweater. All of these will take ages. But, of course, I have nothing to work on. Sigh.

A few pairs of socks. The dark ones are Andrew's socks, and they don't have many more rows. The pink ones I started on my trip to California. I'm going to be pulling them out back to the heel to make my new favorite heel on them.
But, really, I have nothing to work on.

Here are two shawls in progress. The turquoise-y one is my critron. I've got a ton of work left on it. I'm making it way bigger than called for, because I want a really big old snuggly shawl out of it. The white one is also going to be massive- and heavily beaded. It's a thread project that is going to take me years to finish.
It's a real sad state to be without project, you know?

A tank top, a scarf and a cobweb weight dress that might take me more than my lifetime to finish.
I just wish I had some way to keep my hands occupied. Just a little project would do!

My blanket and the bag I'm keeping it in. I have 9 of the 30 motifs done. I finally did another one yesterday after months off. My brain was saying "But you can't finish this tonight! I don't want to work on it unless I can pretend we'll finish it tonight." It's been that kind of a time for me. Start-itis all the way.
Alas, to be without WIP. It's a sad state.

Oh, and did I mention that as soon as I sat back down here, I noticed the skirt, the shawl and the top I'm working on that I totally forgot about? Oh, and the headband.
Brain, let this be a lesson to you. We have WIPs. We should be finishing them. Let's get cracking, ok?

I leave you with a much better photo of my tunisian rainbow cowl.


  1. this made me laugh so hard my coke came out my nose.
    No, not that kind of coke.