Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I love my new curtains. My bedroom looks like this in the morning now. It's so inviting! That can be a problem when I need to, you know, get out of freakin' bed in the morning. I have the most comfortable, cozy, amazing trap of a bed in the world. I love it.
And yes, those are my stuffed toys you see sitting on the bed. Andrew has long since given up on laughing at them. I've had them on my bed my whole life, I'm not stopping now!

I completely forgot to mention the designs I did for work that are now available. I've actually been published, woah! Someone posted one of the patterns on Rav and I realized I should have done that, so I posted the other.
Here they are on Rav: Cotton Shrug and Stacked Shells Cardigan
And here they are on the Mary Maxim site: Shrug and Cardigan

It's so cool to be published! I have more designs I'm working on for them, but to actually see these in print was really cool.

I took a bunch of pictures of recent stuff and realized that I have a whole bunch of rainbows going on in my crafting right now. This is definitely a good thing. I love rainbows, love love love. They are bright and sunshiny and happy. I'm a big fan of pretty much all bright, saturated happy colours.

This rainbow is a bunch of merino fluffy I got to spin- the shiny white bits are firestar that make it sparkle and GLOW under blacklight! Awesome!
I got this from etsy: Zauberzeug on Etsy

Speaking of things I've gotten for spinning, here's a look at my spinning stash. You can see I've made some progress on my pink silk, although I must admit I haven't worked on it at all this week.
That reminds me, I should tell you where I got that awesome snowflake drop spindle. 
It was also an Etsy thing: Sevenyaks on Etsy

Take a look at my new afghan project (and I still have a motif afghan to finish that I've been working on for years, naughty me!). It's to cuddle with on our new couch, which we're hoping to get in March. It's 100% wool I got from the clearance section at work. I love how it's turning out, and I can't wait for the super cuddly finished product.

This is the project I'm most excited about right now. I'm so close to finished with my capelet and I am trying to push my way through, but I just want to work on this!
It's sock yarn that I got on sale at work, and I love it. My coworker and I have started a challenge with this. We both have the same yarn and are making sweaters. Totally different sweaters- she's making a cardigan, I'm making a pullover. Hers is knit, mine is crochet.

I went for sl st blo in the round to get a nice mock-garter stitch. I've never been a huge fan of the look of garter stitch, but this is convincing me. That, and garter in finer gauge is much nicer.

I haven't yet decided which side is the right side. Really, it'll be reversible so the right side is whichever way I decide to pull it on.
The side facing me while I work has nice, clean stripes (aside from where the colours jog in the round), but the inside has some fun play going on with the stripes I like too.

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