Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Challenge (and a Guy in a Scarf)

I told Andrew I needed to take pictures of his scarf, and of course he made this face at me.
Just for you guys, I managed to get him to take a nicer picture, too.

So I've started a new challenge for myself. I was talking with Gabe at work today and realized that I have way too many projects on the go. Like, way too many. Really. I started figuring it out, and... I have more than 30 projects going. 
I decided to challenge myself to finish some of them. I want to see how long it takes to finish 25 projects. That will get at least some of these projects finished!
The rules are:
1) It has to be something I've already started
2) I have to finish it completely
3) I can start any new projects I want- but they don't count.
My guess is on 5 months to accomplish 25 finished projects. That's 5 a month- it seems manageable. Some are simple (like half finished socks) and some are absolutely crazy (like cobweb weight dresses). Either way, I'll get some old projects going again and maybe finally finish some of them.

The first one is already complete. Today I finished off this cowl for my Mom- simple, but it's done. I have a whole set of them I promised her for Christmas (she knew they would be late), and this one is for her birthday. I'm hoping to send them all off to her soon. There might still be skiing days left in the year for her!

I also got work done on a blanket I'm making, a pretty good chunk of my half-fingered mitts finished and started into the sleeve caps on my colourwork sweater. Not bad for day 1- here's hoping I can keep up the enthusiasm.
Now for a list that will be at the bottom of my blog for awhile;

Finishing Challenge:
Mom's Cowl


  1. *wolf whistles* noice scarf :)

    with 25 projects to choose from i'm sure you wont be bored! i just finished a shawl 8 months in the making, very nice feeling, i treated myself by starting something new! lol

    very interested to see this cobweb dress!!

  2. Wow...25/30 projects... I thought I had too many going and I think I might have 10/12going right now...it drives me crazy bcz I don't ever have the feeling of accomplishment.. My goal is to to start any new project before I finish 1 old one ...so for each old project I finish I can start a new one...wait... If. D that ill Ben the same place in 6 months...ah, ah... The fun life of a knitter/ crocheted :) good on setting a goal :)