Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Capelet!

I finished my capelet awhile ago, and finally got around to taking pictures of it earlier this week.

I am so pleased with how it turned out. It's cozy and wonderful and I am just searching for an excuse to wear it.

I'm also quite pleased with how the lace turned out. Little crowns!

This is something else I finished last week or so (before my challenge, of course). It's a double layered cowl. It's SO warm. It's better than wearing a scarf and a little cowl, which is what I had been doing.
It's not my usual colours, which is fun. I'm more of a bright jewel tone person. If I go pale, it's just pinks and blues and yellows. Oranges and greens are almost never on my radar. This project was two balls of Knitpicks Chroma I got intending to make a Noro striped scarf style project. It sat in my stash and stubbornly did not want to be that until I finally saw a picture and bam. That was it- that was what the yarn was for. I'm so pleased with how it turned out, and how it filled a gap in my accessories I didn't even know was there!

Here's a much better snap of the cowl I made my Mom. Still the only thing I've finished in my crochet project challenge, but I've made lots of other progress.
I sent the cowls off to Mom and they should get to her soon. Hope she likes them- my parents have a ski trip coming up soon. They invited me, but I sadly had to turn them down. Sigh.

Since this picture, I've finished this mitt and just need to do fingers and thumbs on the second one. You can see the changed stitch pattern in the fingers. I like it much better now, and they're much more comfy.

I must admit, I haven't done too much crocheting this weekend. Friday night I ended up digging into my fabric stash and doing some sewing. I made a very simple pair of pants. I like them- they're a nice dark charcoal grey, very slim fitted and while they are a bit too short I decided that I didn't care and with dark socks or boots, no one will notice. It's on purpose, I swear.
I also took in a shirt I made ages ago. It was lovely but shapeless, and that just does not suit my body. Now it's fitted and flattering. I'm really pleased with it. I need to take pictures of my sewing. It's lazy and poorly done, but I'm still kinda proud of it!

Andrew is out of town this weekend in Seattle. He's doing a con there with a bunch of his friends. It's pretty cool, and I'm hoping next year I'll be able to join him. It's strange being here alone so long now that I've started getting used to having him around all the time. It has been a good time to host a few girls nights, though.
Time to get back to the blankets I'm working on, and do a bit of cleaning from last night's party before some friends come over this evening.

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  1. love that stripey cowl. and the capelet is magnificent! I can see it over an elegant dress!