Monday, March 11, 2013

Quick Update

I finished more projects! This cardigan got pulled out more times than I want to remember. It had more ends than I'd like to think about and it just generally conspired to be a right pain for me.
But it's done! It's done and I love it! It's cozy and soft and I love how it fits. I'm really pleased that I got the fronts of the sleeves to line up with the front, the buttons I found in my stash were great and the button band is sitting pretty nicely.
I'm pleased that I finally have one of the big projects knocked off the list.

This is another of the smaller projects. It's a simple shawl pattern I wrote up to be a sample for work. I really like how the dark grey sets of the fantastic bright pink.

Yesterday we had some friends over for a session of Dungeons and Dragons. When you get a bunch of really creative people who are quick witted and imaginative together to play a game with basically no rules, it ends up as something really awesome. We always just about keel over laughing once or twice, and the bad puns and great jokes that get made are amazing.
I spent the day working on a super comfy sideways slip stitch sock. I'm really excited about it. I've long wanted a pattern for the perfect crochet "vanilla" socks- something simple and really comfortable. I think this might be it. I'm almost halfway through the first sock and very excited.
I've actually been doing some animating. I'm trying to get a really outstanding piece to add to my demo reel so I can apply for some jobs. I've been so frustrated lately. I like my job, but I feel really stuck in it right now. I don't want to work a retail job forever. I want a career.
Getting back into animating again has reminded me that I really do actually like it. Somehow I'd convinced myself that I just wanted to do it for a job, and that I really didn't care for it that much outside of being happy to do it for pay. That's not true, though. I like it. I find it satisfying and enjoyable- it's no crochet, but what are you going to do.  Nothing else is crochet for me.
Bringing something to life is challenging, yes, but I'm enjoying that challenge.
It's also scaring the crap out of me. Choosing the line to animate intimidated me. Opening up the program and finding a rig to work with scared me. Sketching my key poses and posing the rigs into them terrified me. Now starting to work on timing and breakdowns of poses is my next hurdle. This one I am going to get to today. No more delaying. I want to start making real progress. I want to start taking control of my career and doing something good for myself.
Alright, enough talking about it. Time to get back to work.

Finishing Challenge:
Blue Cowl
Block Party Mitts
Silk Spinning 
Granny Shawl
Colourwork Cardigan

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