Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Two More FOs

I finally finished a few more things! This morning, I finished my fingerless mitts. I'm really excited about them- they're so comfy and I love the pattern on them.

I did the second one with a longer basketweave section. It looks a lot better. I also changed the thumbhole decreases slightly. I really need to get this pattern written up and tested.
Yeah, I really need to sit down and write out several patterns.

I also finished spinning my silk! It's exciting because I haven't finished a big spinning project before this.

I love how it turned out, but it's also a little disappointing to do all that work for 90-100 yards. I'll find something awesome to make with it, though. I'm still really proud!

I rearranged my stash a bit, too. I wanted the little shelves I had for a stand for the keyboard my parents brought me. I grabbed some more of the little white wire stands from the dollar store (2.50$ each, not bad!) and set things up like this.
It's nice to go through the stash and get a chance to actually see what you have. Once I finish some more projects, I'm pretty excited about starting some new stuff.

Finishing Challenge:
Blue Cowl
Block Party Mitts
Silk Spinning


  1. love how the silk worked up. i dont think i could be a spinner, so much work for so little reward. too many steps to get to the finished result.

    I finally finished my sailor blues shawl! just need to take some piccies but it came out beautifully !

  2. Oooh, I am so excited to see your shawl!
    Yeah, I'm surprised I have the patience for spinning. I find it very simple and meditative, though.