Sunday, March 24, 2013

So Many WIPs...

This is my desk this morning. It's a mess of wonderful crochet goodness. I have so much on the go right now. I can't decide what to work on! I really can't wait until I have conquered this finishing challenge and have a reasonable amount of WIPs.
(Also, aren't my mug and ipod case just so cute? I love them!)

This tanktop I finished ages ago, but I never actually took any pictures of it. This morning I went on a photo taking binge and finally got a shot of it. I love it. It's super comfy and flattering. I have the same yarn in a blue/green mix and I'm planning on making another one that's basically the same.

I got a picture of this long time WIP- it's another tank top done in this totally crazy rainbow ribbon yarn.

These arm warmers are just about done, I only need to weave in the ends. I think I might line them with fleece, too. The multicoloured yarn is Sakura Silk I won at Pucks N Purls this year, and the lovely red is Noro Retro I got at my stitching group's 2011 Christmas party from my awesome friend Alia.

I also finished this project- another one started after the challenge, though. These socks are done sideways. Other than maybe needing a bit of knitting elastic at the top to keep them up better, they are super comfy. I love the pooling that happened!

I put my first Colourmart order in and got these beautiful cones of yarn. They're various combinations of silk, merino and cashmere. I was hoping they'd be white enough for my veil (they all looked white on the site and had no colour info...) but sadly, even the white looking one at the front is distinctly cream.
I'll still use them, and they were still a great deal, but I was disappointed. I will probably try dying them, though, which should be fun.

Luckily we carry one of the brightest white laceweight wool yarns I've ever seen at work. I suppose I should have just gotten this in the first place, but where's the fun in that? So I've started my veil with it. I'm using Aiobhe Ni's Honeymeade shawl. I love her tunisian lacework. I'm definitely adding beads to the picot edging.

I am really excited about this sweater. It's my own design, and it's gonna be so comfy! The pockets will be generous, and if I have enough yarn I will be making a hood on it. I mussed up the first part of the cabling by using dc/tc instead of hdc/dc, but it'll block out and there was no way I was pulling back that many hours of work!
I'm pleased that the way I did the pockets worked out, too. I did the sections before, after and in the middle of the pockets separately and then joined them in one row like a yoke. When I make the pockets, I'll join them with a round of sc or sl st that will give the pockets a nice even look.  
I'll be making it a zip-up cardi. I love the ease of zip ups, and having a classy handmade zip up... I can already tell it will be a go-to sweater.

I've been busy doing some spinning, too. I finished this super fast, really fun thick n thin merino. It's just a little skein, but I had fun making it and it was a nice in between project from things I was trying to spin really fine and even.

This is the new project. I'm finally starting on my lovely merino/firestar in it's fantastically bright rainbowness!
I unfolded the two batts and refolded them together. I want to make one long, continuous rainbow. I'm hoping I have enough for a shawl or a small cardigan. I'm really pleased with how fine I'm able to spin it. I'm spinning much more fine than I ever have before. I thought I couldn't do it, but it turns out I was just really nervous about spinning that fine. It seemed waaay too thin! I had a bit of trouble with part of it last night, but mostly it's gone well.

Speaking of yarn I've made, I've been trying to figure out what I want to make with my pretty silk. Something nice to go around the neck and keep me just a bit warmer inside, that's all I've figured out. I started this little shell pattern yesterday and I'm not sure about it, but it looks kinda promising.

Also, I made these the other night for dinner and OH MY GOD they were SO good. I keep eating them long after I was too full. They're pretzel rolls, and they tasted just like soft pretzels. Mmmm...
I got the recipe here:

Now off to get ready for the afternoon of DND with my friends! What project to work on, that's the question...


  1. Wow, those are nice ! Yo are one busy lady!!! They look great and what an accomplishment.

  2. I knew about almost all of these, so I already know about the awesome. But I WILL comment on the stellar photography. I always get too much shadow :(

    Also, tag you're it! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :)