Sunday, May 5, 2013

Long Time No See

I can't believe how long it's been since I've updated. It feels like no time at all, but it's been ages.
Life is moving quickly. We've had dinners and birthdays (including my Mom's, which was a great excuse to see the family more!), Easter and who knows what else. We're still trying to find a caterer for our wedding, I'm now officially a manager at work and full time, we have something scheduled for every week from now til I don't know when...
Being a grownup is a full time job. And it doesn't help that I had a one-day weekend as I transitioned to full time manager this week.
Yesterday was fabulous, though. I spent the day at Wonderland running around like mad with a few of my stitch n bitch friends, riding roller coasters and eating deep-fried delicious doughy things (Beavertails and Funnel Cake!) and just having a great time.
With the lovely yarn ladies, waiting in line. 

 With both my "spouses"... Alia is my wife through many bizarre jokes, and something about how her husband and I share a birthday.

 Andrew and I got "Wondermarried", aka he bought us some awesome cheap rings. 

Then I came home and took an hour long nap- and then an hour later fell asleep for ten and a half hours. I've been exhausted.
Now that I'm regularly Monday-Friday, I feel like I can finally get into a real schedule. I'm home by a reasonable time every evening, and even though our weekends are full to overflowing, I should get some relaxing time. Next weekend I have work, a party, a lunch, a convention, and a dinner and dancing birthday party for my best friend, all in 24 hours. Thankfully that's just Friday-Saturday,and I think we're wide open on Sunday. Thank goodness, I wouldn't have anything left after all that!

I have been crocheting like mad, too. I've even finished a few more things for my challenge. I've also got some pretty new yarns I'll share with you all soon. I have a few to show you today, though!

I totally fell in love with the green/blue semi-solid when we got it at work. Originally I planned to use the bright pink below with it to make Bel by the lovely Aiobhe Ni- and then the variegated came in and matched it perfectly. So now that's going to be the contrast colour.

This fabulous pink and mixed yarn has already become a cowl that really needs to get blocked. Can you believe that this contrast variegated and the one with the green are the same colour? I love hand-dyed.

This yarn- the colour, the fact that it's sockweight... it just screamed out my name. I had to have it! It's gonna be another awesome summer tank top.

These mitts are for wearing around the house when my arms get cold. They're fleece lined in some awesome fleece I got when I went with my friend to Fabricland. It matched perfectly.

 I made this sweet little sweater for a lovely woman from our yarn group who's moving away. She's 8 months pregnant with a little boy.

I'm up to 7 finished projects for the challenge- and am really close to a tank top being done!
Pictures of the new ones soon, I promise.
Finishing Challenge:
Blue Cowl
Block Party Mitts
Silk Spinning
Granny Shawl
Colourwork Cardigan
Central Command sweater
Rainbow Stripe afghan


  1. Wow have been very busy....but it seems that it's all fun things and you still have time to spend with friends and to crochet and knit... Good times!

  2. I love the Wonderland pictures! :D I am totally going to steal them and post some on my blog, too, mwahahaa. Yayyyy funtimes!