Sunday, June 23, 2013

Being a Busy Adult with Many Responsibilities

I am so behind on... everything! I'm sharing these pictures and they are so out of date, but I wanted to share something with you.
I love these appliques- we all got into a bit of a crazy applique streak at work. They're to show off what you can do with some of the simple craft supplies and things we carry. I love that little squidy especially.

This has since become a nice blue spring/summer top. It's from the new Love of Crochet, which was full of surprisingly lovely things.

I've now blocked this little shawl. The middle is from Venus by Aiobhe Ni, and the outer part is ripe wheat lace, one of my favorite vintage lace patterns.

This blanket and pillow set is now sitting on a brand new couch in my living room, and we need another pillow for the other side. That one will be a diagonal rainbow, I think.

And this top went through the washer and then I accidentally put it through the dryer, which made it shrink instead of growing slightly like I wanted it too. Now it's waiting for me to do my laundry again. 
Oh yeah, I have to do my laundry, too.

Planning a wedding is not the most fun. Oh, it's not so bad, but the whole thing is just a constant pressure over my head. Soon enough I will make a list so that I will know what to do and when to do it. Right now we're in the final stages of booking a caterer, and trying to get invitations finished and on their way. 

I also had some extra responsibilities at work for the last little while, and was on a different and earlier schedule. It's over now, but while it was happening I was zombie-exhausted the whole time.

Today I had some time free, so I went and got my bike from our old apartment. I'd left it parked out behind, and had been worried that I didn't have the old key. Turns out the lock was broken and it was just sitting there. Well, at least it was still there!
Since it didn't actually work, I took the day to head out to an amazing little local bike non-profit that helps you repair your own bike. It was women/trans day there, and I had amazing help and fixed up my own bike with a lot of help and patience on the part of the awesome volunteers. I had to replace three parts, and the front shifter still doesn't quite work, but the back shifter does; more importantly, the bike now runs when you pedal it, and the chain isn't so rusted it can't really move.
It was really awesome to be able to get my hands dirty and fix it myself. It felt pretty amazing, I have to say.
I need to find a place to keep my bike now, other than my living room, but one step at a time. I think I might start biking to knit-night every week.

Anyway, I was dead tired and sweaty as anything after that, so I biked home and hopped in the shower, then napped. While I napped, Andrew ordered us sushi and so we had a lovely treat and got to enjoy our new couch, delicious food and an episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. 

I should maybe work on one of the five wedding blankets I need to do this summer, or maybe my veil, or the doilies I need to make for centrepieces... Soon enough I need to get my bridesmaids over and start sewing their dresses, and bring over my friend Gabe who is going to teach me to make a dress that fits me so I can have something for the dancing part of the wedding, and I need to start the lace overlay for that dress... but all of that can wait. I want to do something relaxing and not practical- I'm planning on working on my current obsession, another top-down raglan cardigan to wear at work. Time for some relaxing crochet!

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  1. are so's amazing when you are young how much you can accomplish in one day! I'm sure your wedding is going to be amazing.