Tuesday, July 23, 2013


So planning a wedding is the worst. Ok, it's also cool because it's going to be a lovely day filled with friends and family, but oh man. The constant pressure is hard to take. There is just this thing hanging over me that I have to do.
Combine that with how busy summer gets, and you get the reason I haven't posted in awhile. I have a lot of pictures on my camera, but I haven't taken them off in weeks. That never happens, I'm usually the type to put em right onto the computer.
I also haven't had proper time off in... months. I had a week off in January. I'll get it again in October. I do have a three day weekend coming up with nothing planned though. Oh man that's gonna be great.
I also have 4 more weddings to attend before ours, plus one I just attended the weekend before last. Oh, and I am making blankets for all of those. And I'm making my veil, and all the centrepieces (half done tonight thanks to my bridesmaids, but I still need to finish the doily for the next part) and we need to make the bridesmaids dresses. Thankfully my bridesmaids are awesome and coming over on Tuesdays for the next little while to help.
I went to the TTC Knitalong this weekend, and I have some photos to share and some awesome stuff I got to show you, but it'll have to wait.
I just realized I have to scan and send off the agreement with our caterer.
I hope someday I'll have enough free time to update properly!

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  1. Can't wait to see your pictures and the blankets you are making. I'm making 2 at the moment and have to make 5 by the end of the summer, but I only have to make one for a wedding present and the other 4 are for babies... That will be easier because they are smaller :) god luck on all your projects :)