Sunday, November 24, 2013

Returning to "normal"

Hello all!
The wedding was wonderful, it went really well. It was exhausting, though, and I feel like I've just started catching up on life. Getting sick afterwards didn't help much.
I've missed this place. I've been crocheting like mad lately. I'm making a dress to wear to my brother's wedding in December, and I'm also making some special Christmas gifts for family members who will be here this Christmas- they're usually on the other side of the world. My nephews are getting an amazing sweater and a super cool blanket. I'm pretty excited- they're robot themed.

Anyway, here's some of the stuff I've finished in the last few months.

I finished my summer tee. I'm pretty please with the result, although it needs to relax a bit.

This little cardi thing was a nice quick project. It's comfy, and just enough to cover my upper arms from the intense AC in the mall where I work during the summer. I couldn't resist the sale yarn. I never can.

I love how this cardigan turned out. It's really comfy, and I am thoroughly enjoying all of the "that's CROCHET?" comments it gets.

My wedding veil! Shown here unblocked. It's really amazing blocked out, I am so pleased with it. I should have some good photos from the professional wedding photographer soon, I'm excited.

A crochetviatrix hat- I've always loved the Aviatrix hat and had to make a crochet version. It was fun, and I'm mostly quite pleased with how it came out.

I made two pairs of these amazing gloves (Blind Peacock, you should make them!). I made the first pair for a friend I promised to make fingerless mitts for ages ago. They were so quick and fun that I went out and bought myself some KPPPM and made myself a pair. Especially nice because they only take one 50g ball.
They're pretty addictive, I foresee more of these in my future.

And a few wedding photos for you all:
Yes, my train was ridiculous. I'm also very pleased with how we did making the bridesmaids dresses- and doesn't my veil look nice?

We did it! Yay! Now time to get back to real life.

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