Saturday, January 25, 2014

Finished Things and Things on the Hook

I just finished this set. It's a baby blanket for a little guy I hadn't yet made anything for. I started it with the other colour of this mulitcoloured sock yarn I bought, but I was doing a really labour intensive pattern with fingering weight. It was silly.

The project got restarted with two strands and this spare DK I had leftover from the scarf I made Andrew last year. It was so much faster, the blanket just flew off my hook. It was a lot of fun. I had enough yarn leftover for another project, so this sweet little cardi was born. I had fun with it, too. It just needs some snaps and maybe some buttons now.

This isn't anything exciting, but I like the colours in this cowl. I love the rainbow yarn and it sits in front of the cash register at work staring at me. In Septmeber I finally gave in and made myself this little cowl with some black wool. I started it with white wool, but it looked way too young.
I think I might get a chunky yarn and do up a sample of this pattern for work. It really is easy and looks pretty cute when you finish.

I still need to get pictures of me wearing this cardigan, but I looove it. It's snug fitting with a zipper and has just a bit of motorcycle jacket look. The only issue is that I kinda stink at putting in zippers, so you might notice the bottom comes to a bit of a point at the end of the zipper. Whoops.
Otherwise it looks great and is super flattering and comfy. Can't beat it.

This is another project I finished and have been wearing like crazy, but I'm not going to show much of it because I think I might write up the pattern and try to have it published, eek! Don't you love the acorns?

And now for the stuff I'm working on still!

I started this cardi with Paton's Metallic because it's so shiny and fun. The stitch pattern takes awhile, but I'm going to switch to shallow half double crochet after the yoke for a soft, relaxed looking cardigan- I hope!

This is my Little Mermaid dress. Well, so far. I was planning on wearing it to my brother and sister-in-law's beach wedding at New Year's, but clearly it was not finished. My sweet little nephews were along on the trip, and playing with them in the sand just seemed like a much better priority than worrying about finishing a dress. Maybe next New Year's- this has gone on pause because a floor length dress isn't quite practical, even for me who will wear a fancy dress anywhere!

I haven't been working on my spinning much, but I've done a little bit here and there. It's fun, but it's a lot more work to pick up than my hook. Still, I can't wait to finish this batt! It's so pretty, and I'm so excited about the chain plying that's letting me make it something of a gradient.

And this is just some fun shots of the yarn I'm going to be working on next- this gorgeous stuff is going to be turned into a simple top-down cardi. Sparkly white and neon, I can't wait to wear this!

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