Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rainbow Cardi

I am currently obsessed with the cardigan I am making. It is getting so close to being finished and I just can't wait to wear it.
Also, I got myself a pretty new camera with some gift cards I got for Christmas, so I have been snapping photos of everything. It's really fun- it's a mirrorless camera, so it's a bit like a small DSLR. It even has interchangeable lenses. It also makes a very satisfying snap when you take a picture. I might be a little bit in love. I might also be annoying my friends and husband a bit.

Anyway, my cardigan. So yesterday I was pretty sure I was going to finish the buttonband, so I had to choose buttons.

Here they are sitting on the cardigan. I love this sparkly yarn, it is really doing it for me. The sparkly/neon combo makes my heart so very happy. 
I brought the buttons in to work to get Kate's opinion, and she pointed out that the flowers did kinda make it look a little juvenile. She was right, and both me and the cardigan are young enough looking as it is!

Here is the cardigan currently. Buttonband done, working on the first sleeve. It looks like I'm even going to have enough of the neon to have the sleeves striped all the way down. Yay!
I am going to need to reinforce the edge of the buttonband, though. I put the buttons and holes right in the middle, and I probably should have put them closer into the body. Oh well, that's the beauty of crochet. Add a few solid, snug rows on the edge and it'll look great and avoid the dreaded wobbly band. I might also sew reinforcing stitches around the buttonholes. If I'm not too lazy.

This beautiful thing was a present. Actually, yarn and bowl both. Kate got me the yarn a few years ago. But the bowl was this year, and isn't it amazing? My best friend got it for me for Christmas. It's so pretty. It sits on my desk and I have been using it a lot. It's really nice for keeping my yarn in place while I watch shows on Netflix and crochet.

Alright, I need to finish getting ready for work, and get my cardi packed up to work on the subway. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hi Lynn! I just found you on Ravelry and popped over here to check out your blog :) I'm wondering . . . do you have a favorite basic cardigan pattern that you work from or recommend? I'm still very new to crochet, yet ready to adventure into sweater territory. Thank you for keeping things colorful! ~ECG

    1. I just usually do a top down raglan cardi with whatever stitch pattern, usually just slip stitch flo and iB. Something like the amazing top-down raglan, which I think is a knit. There are a few pattern generators meant for knitting that you can use, you only have to know your tension.
      A more lacy but awesome first cardigan pattern is the Chevron Lace cardi. It's quick, cute and easy.

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  3. Thank you for the ideas! What is "iB" ?

    1. It's one of the stitches that slip stitch crochet is built on.
      Check out http://ayarnifiedlife.wordpress.com/slip-stitch-crochet/