Saturday, March 1, 2014

Winter Blahs

I have some serious winter blahs going on. I think the whole city has the same thing. It's been so cold, so miserably cold for so long. Spring can not come fast enough for me! Really, though, I'd just like one day with nice sunshine and temperatures above freezing. One degree above freezing would be ok.

Thankfully I at least now have something to help keep me from freezing at work, where there is something wrong with our heating system. Here it is before blocking.

I finally finished my Bel shawl, and I am so happy with it. This is it after blocking.

I got around to blocking it yesterday, although I'd already been wearing it two days. I got so many compliments at work with it unblocked, I can't wait to see what people say now that it's blocked. I love how the edging turned out, and I'm so glad it didn't open up too much. I wanted a snuggly, snuggly warm shawl, and thankfully I got it.

Last weekend my crochet projects were not playing nicely with me. I had to pull out more than I accomplished. I came out of the weekend with less finished on both of them than I had started with.

Thankfully, I also finally finished this cross stitch! I love how cute the birdy is, and I can't wait to get it backed and hung up. I did a teeny little strawberry after finishing this, but I'm going to be starting another big project soon.
I also finished my lecture last weekend, and that means I have finished both my extra projects outside work. It's so nice to come home and not have anything else on my plate (other than needing to draw a piece of art for Andrew's book, which is coming out very soon). It means that I can focus on more important things- specifically, going to visit my grandparents more often now that they live closer. We're going out today, and my parents are going to be up to visit too. I can't wait to see everyone!

I've been working on hats- I finished one for Andrew, and I'm almost finished mine. Then I think I will turn back to my rainbow stripey cardigan. I love it, but after pulling out the sleeves for the third time, I'm feeling a bit burnt out. Still, I think it's time to give it another go. Sigh.


  1. What a wonderful shawl with wonderful colours!

  2. What a beautiful, gorgeous shawl. And the bird is just wonderful! You r so talented :) !