Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Today, I finished my cable cardi!

Isn't it super pretty? I love love love this cardigan so much. The Malabrigo worsted is sooo soft, and so cozy. It's like wearing a hug. I know it's going to need a lot of shaving (especially at first!) but it is so worth it. It was a dream to work with and it's a dream to wear.

I love absolutely everything about this cardigan. The fit, the cable, the closure- I wasn't sure if I was going to go shawl pin closure, zipper, buttons or what. Then my coworkers suggested the clasps. They're perfect! They suit it so well. At first I had them spaced further apart and starting up higher, but I took the top and second from bottom off and re-spaced them so they're all lower. It's much better now.
I'm so happy this is done, I am going to wear it all weekend! Andrew and I are spending the weekend in Seattle for ECCC. It should be a lot of fun- I get to meet all his webcomic friends, and we'll spend the weekend meeting the usual assortment of generally awesome readers and cool people.
And now I get to do all that wearing a kickass new sweater, heck yeah!

This is another project I'm working on, a ten stitch baby blanket. It's for one of the scores of pregnant/new parent people that we know, who knows who gets it yet!
I have to start packing yarn projects. We get back from Seattle Monday, and then leave on Friday to NYC for our honeymoon, yesss! I can't wait!
In the meantime, I'm a little under the weather today and feeling kinda dizzy, so I'm heading off to bed super early in the hopes I can kick the buns of whatever is making me feel so lousy before I head off to America.


  1. gorgeous cardi! I would never take it off.

    Love the blanket as well. I have a bunch of pressies on the go for expectant mothers!

  2. Yes it IS superpretty! The closure-solution is great, and I would also like to say the whole cardigan is perfect!