Saturday, April 26, 2014

Two Trips and an Unemployment

It feels like Andrew and I have done nothing but travel, although he's gone to Calgary without me this weekend. This shot is on the bus to Buffalo on our way to Seattle, working on a sparkly cardi.

This is on one of the flights out, the baby blanket I've been working on.
Seattle was a great trip- we met some awesome people, went out to some good pubs and met some really nice readers of the comic. I got to meet Karen Gillan from Doctor Who for a very pleasant 14 seconds, and got to meet readers of the comic who are fans of me, which is a bit strange. I'm just a character in the comic! I don't even make it! Still, it's cool to meet someone who loves the comic and I'll admit, it's kinda fun for me. I do little of the work and still get to meet great people. Mwahaha!
I also got to see some friends and meet some comic creators and other nerdy awesome people. And of course, I popped out to Pike Place Market which was ten minutes down the road and has a yarn store. I had too.

I bought a skein of a sparkly, lovely gold yarn.

The weekend after Seattle, we left for NYC for our honeymoon!

This shot is where I was winding the ball of pretty sparkly gold I got in Seattle in the hotel room. I had to get creative.

I made a little cowl with it that was a great project for the evenings. Andrew and I are not night life people. We like going for a pint with friends, but nightclubs and stuff are so not our style. And after spending all day walking around the city, we were tired in the evenings. So we watched awesomely bad movies in the hotel room, and I crocheted.

I finished this cowl during the week. I also got about 70% through a sweater, even started weaving the ends from the stripes in, when I realized that I messed up the fit and had to pull it back all the way. Sigh.
Other than that, and a few issues with the hotel and a jerk on the bus on the way down, it was an awesome trip.

Here we are in front of the library, being all newlyweds and stuff.
We did so much- the Met, Central Park, the Tenement Museum, the High Line, seeing Book of Mormon, walking the Brooklyn Bridge and going to the Doctor Who themed bar- and of course, my yarn crawl. I went to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, Purl Soho and Brooklyn General. I was too busy admiring the yarn to take any pictures, and I can't believe it, but I still haven't. I'll have to get some photos of what I got. I had fun, let me tell you, and I got some yummy stuff.

Then I came back to find out that for sure my store was not reopening, and we were closing a week after my return. I worked the last week, went away for Easter, came back to help pack the store and had my last day this week. So now I'm unemployed! I had my first interview already, and it went well although the job ended up not being right for me.
So I have to find myself a new job, and figure out where I want my career to go. In the meantime, I'm hoping this means I'll be able to get some more pattern designing done and maybe even rest a bit. Funny concept.


  1. Which yarn did you make that cowl out of? Good luck with the job hunt!

    1. It's Anzula Nebula in colour Rootbeer. Thanks!