Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Pile of Little FOs

So I've been finishing a bunch of projects lately. And by lately, I mean since about April and I am just finally photographing them. I mean, I made these amazingly cute booties while I was still working at the store. I got pictures of them yesterday.

This cardigan was something I started on a whim when I went into a shop and saw the new Paton's Metallic yarn and decided I wanted to have something made from it. I don't know how much I'll wear this, but it was fun to make and I love the colour. It's one of those projects that will either get a ton of wear or I'll never find an outfit that it suits.

This shawl is another thing I finished while I was still working at the store. The dark pink middle square is a gorgeous mohair my former coworker got me as a Christmas present one year, and the lighter pink is Kidsilk Haze that I got half price when I was working at a needlework festival one year.

This little sweater is made to replace another I made from the same pattern that I wore so much I started to felt the armpits. Whoops. I got the yarn at Romni when I went back to get a second ball of the yarn I used for my stripey neon/sparkly cardigan- I saw this and just could not resist.
It's the Chevron Lace Cardigan, but modified a little bit so that it didn't buckle at the top. Instead of working it exactly as written, I worked an even row in between each increase row. It lays much flatter than it did when I worked it as written.

This is just a simple stripey baby granny blanket I made from some Sirdar Countrystyle I got at the store in the final days. It was on sale and I could not resist the colour combo. So much fun! I still have some left over and eventually will use it to make my future spawn a blanket. I've got awhile for that, though!

This is the newest finished project and the one I am most proud of. I went out to Len's Mills to get some yarn to finish and blanket I was making, and decided that since I hadn't found a purse I liked and I wanted to try a tutorial I'd seen, I would get all the supplies.

The tutorial is here, and I was really happy with how it came out. I made everything about an inch bigger than what was suggested because I do like a large purse, but I didn't want anything too huge because then I just fill it up and carry a million pounds of stuff around.
The outer fabric I chose after a lot of careful mulling about at the shop, and the interior is from the fat quarters I bought on my honeymoon.
I also got some Star Trek fabric at the shop, whaaat! I am going to make project bags out of it. I also have some Star Trek fabric already that I'm going to make a dress out of. 

Look at all those beautiful interior pockets! It has one zipper interior pocket and four patch pockets, and then the front pocket too. It's quite excellent- although I might switch those two little pockets that are currently carrying a pack of emergency Nerds and my old camera to my phone and Ipod. Not that emergency Nerds aren't important.
My favorite bit about it is hard to decide- I love that it has an adjustable strap, but the best bit might be the leather flap. I found leather scraps at Len's Mills and they were only 25$ a pound- my little scrap was 5$. It really adds a nice professional finish, I think. I love my new purse!

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