Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Where does the time go?

I can't believe I missed a month posting. You'd think that once a month is an easy goal, right? But it seemed like June was spent away for the most part, and I suppose that's true. I was at my parent's house for a week, and spent almost every other week at my in-law's house.
July, however, is going to be a quiet and relaxed month for me. I have something big and exciting coming up at the end of the month, so for the rest of the month I will be getting some down time. I can't wait, I feel like a kid waiting for summer vacation.
Of course, I'm going to spend some time crocheting. Hopefully a lot of time. I want to have at least two patterns written by the end of the month- one is started, it's a cabled slip stitch sweater. The other, I'm not sure. Maybe the slip stitch shawl I've been making. Perhaps a drape front top. Maybe socks. Who knows!

For now, here's some things I've finished- some recently, some months ago.
This is a recent one, but I've been wanting to make this sweater for years. I'm so excited to finally be finished it. Now I didn't pay a bit of attention to the gauge until the sleeves, so the body is a bit bigger than I normally would have made- but oh well, it's supposed to be a layering piece. I modified the sleeves a fair bit because the original had these wide cuffs that I didn't really care for.
These socks I am so excited about. They the probably the most comfy socks I've made yet, and so easy. My favourite part, though, is that I can use stripey sock yarn properly. I have another pair going, and I'm already excited about finishing those so I can pull out some of my rainbow sock yarn for the next pair.
I took some pictures of the cardigans I made. I haven't even worn this one anywhere yet, but I love how it fits and looks.
This cardigan I started last summer and finished over the winter. I adore it. Ok, the front bit at the end of the zipper usually comes down to a bit of a point, but that's ok. It's soft and cozy comfy and warm- but not too warm. I also love how the yarn turned out. I knew it would have some weird pooling, but I love every bit of it's odd pooling. Especially the arms- they have matching chunks of colour on both sleeves.
This sweater makes me so happy. I did this one way in the middle of the winter, but at the time I thought I was going to write up the pattern to submit to magazines. I decided I didn't want to, so I finally took some photos of it.
The only issue is that the hood isn't quite deep enough, but it's a pretty minor concern. It's soft and squishy and so very warm. I used two strands of worsted held together and made this really quite quickly. I think I finished in about 8 days. 8 very full days, but nonetheless, 8 days.
I did the sleeves back and forth so the texture would match, but it left a bit of a gap. You can see above that I added some surface chains to cover it and look like a faux seam.

Also, I got to use my favourite buttons. Acorns! They're too cute! I've been dying to find a project for them for so long.

Ok, this one I want opinions on. I've been working on it for ages and I just feel like the whole thing is so blech. Well, that's not true. I love the sleeves. But it just doesn't sit right.
What do you think? Would adding to that bottom band help? Is it just too narrow at the back?
I don't know if I even want to fix it- it's been on the go so long and I'm so disenchanted with the results that I kinda just want to bin it and move on.

Well, time to go visit my grandparents- yay! Lots of sock time on the way out. 

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