Friday, July 4, 2014

Going For a Wander

So I've been catching up on the wonderful Attic24, and every time I do I wish that I had a bit more of that charming, fresh style that Lucy does. So of course in my head I decide I'll start going to the park every week- but in reality I usually just sit around and crochet and watch more Netflix.
Yesterday, though, I decided that it was a beautiful day out and that I would actually go and do something. So I wandered through my neighborhood, and took pictures of flowers and bought some yummy bread and things from my local bakery and had a nice time.

I love roses, and these gorgeous vibrant pink roses made me so happy. I want to have a garden, and I want it to have roses.

Daisies are my mother's favorite, so I've always had a soft spot for them.

This window basket outside a restaurant blew me away. I love it- the colour of the flowers, the bright greenery, all set against that pretty wooden box.

This beauty is outside our house. We have a gorgeous planter that the management puts out every season, and this summer's is just stunning.

The colour and the beautiful flowers make me happy every time I come home.

I bought this foxglove on my walk around the neighborhood. I couldn't resist. The corner store where I got it always has the nicest plants. It's where I got all the flowers for my wedding bouquets.
I bought this plant on my way home from knit night last night. I saw the colours and decided that I was going all out Attic 24 inspired and bringing even more flowers home. They were going to sit on my table too, until I realized that I could put them on my little bookshelf next to my desk and look at them all the time! Yay!

I've also been obsessed with making foamy milk and fancy tea this week. I found the easiest way to make foamy milk (take a jar with a lid, add less than half the jar in milk, shake vigorously, take off lid and microwave about 30 seconds). So I've been making my own London Fogs- early grey tea (my favourite earl grey is President's Choice brand- I never have any less than 3 boxes in my house and I drink many cups of it a day. I'm obsessed) with vanilla and foamy milk. It's very yummy and fancy and tastes like something expensive.
I added a bit of honey to one of my drinks, and it was out of this world. I can't do that often, though. I'm trying to get less sugar and more exercise, since I went on the Wii Fit yesterday and was up a little bit.

I was going to tidy my desk off for this picture, and then I realized that you all might like a peek at what I'm making. So instead I went the opposite way and added a few more of my current wips to the pile.
I'm off to the secondhand store to get a few small pyrex bowls for this bread recipe I've been trying, and maybe to find a nice pot for my new plants. I need more milk for fancy tea, I need to pop over and tell my super that our hot water is out, and I'm off to a Sailor Moon Sleepover tonight for the new series starting tomorrow... but the rest of the day is mine for crochet!

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