Monday, October 20, 2014

Up To Something

Lately, I've been pulling out a lot of projects that I started, did a small amount of work on for about one day, then never entered into Ravelry and let languish.
The pink shawl above (Leaflines) is a good example. Did the first 10 or so rows, put it aside and forgot about it for months. Finally I pulled it out. Now it's finished and waiting to be blocked.

This stash buster baby blanket is another. It's just a simply basketweave to use up this pretty but boring acrylic I had in my stash. I knocked it off the list, too.

But that's not the only kind of project I've done. This hat is two of my handspun yarns. While I was in China, I kept thinking about combining them. I didn't really have enough of either for much of a project, and I thought the thick and thin blue merino would compliment the pink silk nicely. I'm pretty happy with it, though having trouble finding shawls and scarves in my collection to go with the colours. They're much more bold together than I expected.

This is my Pinterest silk scarf. The main leaf pattern is a chart I saw posted, and the edging was a picture that promised a link to a chart but lead nowhere. So I sat down and charted it out. I'm reasonably happy with it- I made a note or two of things I'd do differently if I followed it again, but the scarf itself is a pretty, decorative little thing and I quite like it. It was a nice travel project.
I looove the yarn colour, too. That almost-turquoise blue is one of my favorites.

This shawl I am very proud of. It's something I mostly did while I was in China. It's such a simple pattern, but the edging took some serious fidgeting and frogging. I still might have changed it a wee bit if I went back, but on the whole I just love it. The shape is great- if you wear it on your shoulders, it just nicely covers your upper arms. As someone with perpetually cold upper arms, I'm very happy about that.

Now I need to write up the pattern. I intend to have this pattern for sale soon, I just need to put it through some testing. The nice thing about it is that I figured it out for basically any yarn weight- the edging can be repeated after a set number of rows, and after that it can be added after a repeating number of rows. So you can add it the first time after so many rows, and then you have the chance to add it every 20 rows after. So theoretically you can make it as big as you want.
I'm pretty excited about it, and some of the other patterns I've got coming up. Now to do the hard part and get to work!

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