Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lazy Morning

Good morning! Is there anything nicer on a weekend morning than a nice tea latte and some quiet crochet time?
I'm almost finished this shawl for my cousin- on the last row. Then I have a wedding blanket to get to- the wedding is in two weeks, I need to start some serious hooking! Once those two projects are done... I'm down to 10 projects on the go! Holy cow.
It's amazing how much more productive I am now that I have a job- even though I spend so many hours at work, I come home focused and get stuff done.

Speaking of get stuff done- this weekend I got to two sewing projects! I finally made this bag for all my toiletries. I was using two small bags that never quite held enough. This one will hold everything from makeup to toothbrush to shampoo. And don't you love the fabric?
I also made another floofy frilly tulle skirt. I still need to add lining to the first one I made. It's a white skirt, and without a slip underneath it's rather revealing. This one is pink and fluffy and I love it. I still have one more to make- it will be a little less fluff and a lot more silky grey layered pretty.

Time for some Netflix and breakfast, and to finish the very last row of this shawl!

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  1. I just love this OMG that bag is soo wonderful!!!!!!