Saturday, January 9, 2016

Goodbye Yarn Diet

Last year I decided that I just had too much yarn. The best way to not have too much yarn is of course to stop buying yarn. So I decided that I would stop buying yarn entirely, with the only exceptions being yarn for gifts.

I did buy yarn for some wedding blankets and baby things for my new nieces. I also got a sweater's worth from my Nan-in-law for my birthday so she could help me cheat my yarn diet, that lovely woman.

Those I didn't really count as slipping, but I did actually buy some yarn that was nothing but cheating on the yarn diet. I got two skeins of Lamb's Pride that I'd been lusting after for years that went into the discontinued section in the basement of Romni. I got an awesome ball of neon sock yarn from the basement, and I got four balls of stunning yarn for a sweater that I bought on my business trip in September.

But now my yarn diet is over! I went to both Ewe Knit and Romni this week, and got a little bit of yarn.

I wanted this yellow sock yarn ever since I first saw it at Romni. I got the thick n thin to match and have been working on these cowls with a great woven look. I did the first one as a tube but didn't quite like that it was so loose at the bottom compared to the top, so I'm trying one worked like a scarf sewn up. Either way, I think they're gorgeous.

The Koigu is from Ewe Knit and the Sea Cell from Romni. The Sea Cell is something I've been drooling over for years, but was always too pricey. It was my prize for what I consider a successful year of yarn dieting. I don't know what I'll make with it, but for now I'm content to pet it.

I also got some fabric from Ewe Knit. I saw some gorgeous pillow covers on vacation, but decided I'd have more fun making my own. I adore this fabric, especially the watercolour-looking floral print. I can't wait to have the pillows made.

I'm still going to keep my yarn buying to a minimum this year as I want to keep reducing my stash, but it's fun to give myself a little freedom again.

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