Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crochet Stockinette

ETA: since this post, I have begun working on my crochet stockinette in a different way.
Check more out here

I always thought that it must be somehow possible to crochet something like stockinette. Something flat, non-holey, with a little stretch, just simple, plain looking fabric no thicker or denser than the yarn. I've been trying lots of things- different stitches, hooks, etc. I wasn't having a huge amount of luck until yesterday.
Now I knew that sl st flo worked in the round gave you a nice flat even stockinette-like fabric. My favorite sock pattern ever, Smoothie Socks (trust me, you won't be disappointed with how they feel!) uses that as part of it's awesomeness. What I didn't know was how to work it flat. Working flo then blo on the ws made ridges. I tried working the right loop from behind- no dice. Turning just wasn't an option.
Then suddenly it clicked- don't turn.I'm starting a project (who's pattern I may release soon!) and it's awesome. Soft and smooth, light and only as thick as the yarn itself. It's a little bit slow going, but it's so, so worth it. And I doubt it's any slower than normal stockinette (and way faster than learning to knit good stockinette!).
I was debating on showing the process before I release my pattern, but honestly, I'm pretty excited and want to share!

The Process
Chain as many stitches as you'd like (10 was a pretty good swatch) plus one.
Sl st into the second ch and across, working the top loop only.

Here's where it gets a bit interesting. Don't turn. Chain one (from here on in, when you chain at the end of the row, pull it tight. You don't need the height, just the separation from the other stitch). Find the front loop of the stitch to the right of your hook.
(If you have trouble finding the first stitch, don't worry. You can try a stitch marker, holding it differently, etc. As long as the hook goes through from the rs and you hold the fabric that way when you work, it'll be fine!)
Insert the hook into the front loop only of the stitch to the right of your hook.

Turn your hook upside down
With your upside down hook, grab the yarn.

Pull the yarn through the two loops on your hook. Twisting it upwards as you go can help. Work loose!

Work across the row, front loops only. Count every stitch while you get used to this pattern. When you get to the end, ch 1, pull tight, don't turn. Start working in the stitches to the left of your hook. Continue as needed.

Decreases in sl st can be worked as normal- to increase, work first the front loop then the back loop, or both loops together then the front, etc.

(Please let me know if you have any questions or could use more photos or a video!)

ETA: One more note- I find my starting chain tends to be too loose. Try it yourself and see, but don't go as loose as you normally would.


  1. freaking crochet wizard! Eagerly awaiting the big reveal!

  2. Fantastic! I'm gonna give it a try. Thanks for posting this. I'd love to see a video, I think others would too.