Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some Pretties and a Lull

Look, I made some more yarn! I'm starting to get more even. I turned that one into a ball of heavy worsted. Now I'm working on more- this time I'm getting somewhere between lace and fingering/sport on the single. More even- not perfect, but a definite improvement.
I've also finally been able to draft and spin at the same time- no more park 'n' draft for me! I feel like a wizard. Tonight Andrew was just sitting and watching me work. I'm starting to kinda look like I know what I'm doing.

I finally finished the shawl for my Nana. Isn't it just gorgeous?
I think I'm gonna make one for myself- but I'll make it out of my own yarn once I can spin well enough. Pink, definitely. I need more floaty soft dreamy pink shawls.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It felt like it took forever, and I cut it close with the yarn. I had maybe 20 yards left- and I was guessing from a whole repeat of leaves how much I would need. Phew. I would never have pulled it all out and it looks much nicer with the full edging.
When I pinned it out to block, Andrew looked at it. His first comment was that it looked like a bird- he's right! It did look like it could take off. Then he said "Wow, no wonder it took you so long! That pattern is so intricate- it looks great. You did a really good job."
Talk about the right thing to say!

I will probably be away from blog for the next few weeks. I'll be staying with my brother and his wife and my little nephew at the hotel this week. They've asked me since he'll be working long hours and they will be really jet lagged. I get to help with the baby! I can't wait to meet him. Then it's Pop's 90th birthday weekend with a lot of great relatives and after that, more different relatives- everyone wants to meet the baby. I'm excited, I really love my family.

So, I will be away from the computer awhile! Don't cry too much without me...

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