Friday, May 6, 2011

The Dark Side

Meet my first yarn.
Ok, not the first yarn I've ever had, or used or anything like that. This is the first yarn I've ever spun.
Oh yeah, that's right. I've gone to the dark side.

Last night I went out to a pub event. My friend Gabe came along with her spindles and a promise to teach me.
Today I went out and got myself some awesome fluffiness and a spindle of my own.

The super thick white rope stuff is what I made last night- after my first little teeny bit. It's from roving I got ages ago before I knew what that meant. Using it all makes a nice, even and very thick yarn, which was kinda nice as a beginner.
(The pink is my latest attempt- just a little bit to try and get something more like sport weight.)

Today I started in with some of my plain white yarn (below). My results were not so awesome, and it turned out underspun in many areas, overspun in others and generally just meh. I mean, not too surprising for a first attempt, but still.

Then I learned an important lesson- my couch sucks. Ok, I knew that. But it sucks in ways that make spinning a lot harder. See, it sinks. I can't get any height, which means I couldn't get my spindle spinning properly. My attempt with the pink yarn, sitting at my (pink!) desk chair was much better. I felt like a wizard :D

Still, it's totally awesome to be starting a project with yarn I made, even if it sucks.
Maybe I'll just felt this one :)

In other news, I made the fluffiest sweater ever. I went past a Zellers on Monday, and decided to stop in. You know, tempt my willpower. But then they had this Bernat Pipsqueak in mill end bags. I have no willpower. I do have this, a lot of buttons and some soft, fluffy yummy acrylic mohair.
The sweater worked up really quickly. It's thick and warm- it actually makes a great spring jacket.
It also makes me a hug magnet. I went out last night and made everyone pet my soft jacket. I love this thing. Oh jacket. You are gonna get so much wear.

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