Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maia Shawl and What I'm up to

I finished my Maia shawl yesterday and blocked it. I felt like I'd been working on it forever... but it's done! All those stinkin' trs are done!

It seems like everyone else likes it too! One day on Rav and it's already my most favorited piece with 13 faves. That's so cool! My next most faved piece is my Imitation Hawaiian Diamonds pullover- it only has 9 after months of being up. Eee!

Speaking of being noticed, I got contacted by Inside Crochet asking to put pictures of my beret in an upcoming issue! It's so cool- it feels like people are recognizing what I'm doing and that's definitely making me feel good. Crocheting has been keeping me sane while I'm job hunting and unemployed, so hearing someone say I'm good at it is a real boost.

(The yarn I used for the beret. Ain't she pretty?)

I really have to start publishing/writing patterns. I have a few things that I could put out patterns for- it would probably be a good idea to test my pattern writing skills before I put out any paid patterns. We'll see.

I'm working on something now that could eventually be a pattern I put up for sale. I ripped out a tube top I'd made last summer. It took me forever the first time- I kept getting things wrong and it was fitting funny and finally I got it right. I wore it once. The stitch pattern made it way too hot and a tube top? Seriously, tube tops are not flattering on me, and I feel like I'm getting too old for them.Look at it. Yuckers. This time I'm making the rather obvious dye lot changes horizontal, so they'll be more subtle stripes if anything.

So now I'm working on a plain stockinette tank, and if I like the final product it will be my first crochet stockinette garment (other than socks!). The other wrap cardigan I was working on is still in time out. I'm still mad that I messed up the back.

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