Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Shawl

Yesterday I made a shawl! Today- picture taking time!

I made it with kitten-soft acrylic mohair. I say kitten soft, because my boyfriend touched it and asked me why I skinned a cat. He calls the shawl my cat-net.

The shawl itself was really fast. It's the Solomon's Knot Shawl. I started it late Monday/early Tuesday and had most of it done by the time I went to bed. Then I woke up and realized that I'd just missed a bunch of stitches so my triangle was off to one side. Yeah, I was really tired.
So I finished it. Wrapped it around myself and sat it down. Later I pranced up to my mirror to see how it looked.
It was good but... the triangle at the back was way too long and just so not me. Of course, I'd already woven in the end. So snip I went, found the end, pulled it back a bunch of rows to get a flat bottom instead of a triangle. It's still a bit long, but I can live with that. It means that I can bundle it up as a scarf in the winter.

So having been inspired by a fantastic shawl I saw in this pattern on Rav with flowers on the border, I decided I had to do that too. I found some pretty gold faux-pearls in my beads and started. Of course, it's thick furry mohair, so trying to pull it through beads with a .6 mm hook was making me rip my hair out. Finally, I started trimming the mohair where I was pulling the beads through.
Still, it was at least 10 minutes a flower from making to sewing them on. And there are 50 of the buggers on there. Two big, the rest small and one that I ran out of yarn on- a 4 leaf clover!
But the gold bead against the green looks great and they add a nice heft to the shawl.
I'm quite pleased with it!

I also decided to take some pictures of my petal pullover with my new crinoline.

I think I may have had too much fun! I ended up with 9 shots of me being silly. It was really fun!

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