Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some Pretty Yarn and Socks!

I've been making socks. I'm pretty pleased with them- I've been planning them for quite some time.
They're knee highs based on two patterns I've made before. I'm getting there with the heel to these socks- I just need to figure out how many rows and decreases and such to work. But I have the stitch pattern figured out.

They're comfy- and I've gotten so much done from the first ball. Seriously, the sock and a half up there is from the first 100g. I'm gonna be able to make another pair out of this yarn!

I went to Mary Maxim today to apply for a job. At knit night last night, Sarah mentioned that they were hiring a part timer. I need a job, I love yarn... I had to apply! I've been applying like crazy to jobs, and have a huge batch of applications to go out on Monday.

I also had to pick up some yarn while I was at the store. This is for a present I'm planning for someone!
I also got two more balls of the self striping sock yarn I've been using a bunch- On Your Toes. For 8$ a ball, making two super awesome pairs of socks, totally worth it. I am seriously getting a good sock yarn collection. I'm excited! I shouldn't have bought more yarn- but I also did over 12 hours of babysitting Monday that really burned me out. Spending a bit of that money on pretty yarn to be my therapy. It's definitely cheaper than real therapy... and softer and prettier...

This is more of my new sock yarn. I guess it's not so new anymore- I got it about a month ago from KnitPicks. I love Stroll Tonal <3! So many pretty colours. I can't wait to make something from these. I'm gonna keep doing the same as the socks above- basically a plain foot with a fun ankle. I like it. I might try working the ankle pattern onto the top of the sock.

The project I'm designing with sl st is made from this pretty yarn- Cool Crochet. I love it, I'm so sad it's discontinued! It's just got a really great sheen to it.

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