Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New pretties, WIPS

So I spent the weekend at the Creativ Festival. I was working at the store's booth and so I was totally not going to spend any money. But then I saw some yarn, and you know how that works. Besides, my bank account was healthier than expected. So just three little skeins I was going to take home.Isn't it pretty? Party Angel, I love it! I adore light fluffy mohairs, pretty soft pinks and anything that's sparkly. Match made in heaven.
But you can see that there's only two skeins there. Not because they were out, though...

... but because before I got those, I found these. Kidsilk Haze. 50% off. The softest, dreamiest of pinks.
They were so sweet. They had to come home with me!

I don't know yet whether they'll be two small shawls or one big striped one. Thoughts?

And then the booth across from us had this. I had to take something really special and unique home, you know? And this is incredible. It's 70% mink, 20% merino and 10% silk. It is so soft and wonderful, the grey is just amazing and working with it was incredibly fun.
I got it from They don't have it on the website, yet, though. Not that I can see, anyway. I want more. Ok, I can't buy more. But I want more.

I finally finished my first tunisian mitt. I started these as a way to practice gauge and tension in tunisian before I began my Betty's Tunisian Tee. I think I ripped them out 3 or 4 times, maybe more. I even finished and seamed the main body before I ripped it out the last time because they were too small. Finally, finally I have one finished.
The other one will join it soon- hopefully in less time than it took to do this one.

This is the beginning of another project. I fell in love with some wall art I saw on Ravelry and now I have to make some for my house. Think big, bright flowers and granny squares and motifs. I have a part skein of Chroma left that might go in the mix, too. We'll see.

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