Friday, October 28, 2011

Some WIPs and things

I'm all about the WIPs lately, huh? I really want to get some of the things on my Rav page done. Yeah, it really is just about making my project page cleaner. I mean, sure, actually having the finished objects would be great, but c'mon. How can I start more projects with such an untidy and full WIP area?I did start this, though. The first part of my wall decoration project. It's an exploded miniature doily. With a bulky weight yarn, a real doily would have been too much. This one was perfect, and quick. Good for my patience.

My Herringbone sweater. I bought the yarn at Lettuce Knit in the spring for a totally different project. Then I saw this pattern and knew I had to start it. Even though I don't have enough yarn and I will probably end up having to get a different dyelot to finish this. Whatever. I'll use it for the sleeves. Yeah, that's it.
The pattern has taken some serious figuring and I swear there are some counting mistakes in it. I'm just fudging it as best I can, but it seems to be doing well!

My Critron. This baby is taking forever. I'm basically finished what the pattern calls for now- well, I'm on the last section and other than the border I would be done. I used a very fine yarn, though, so it's too small for my taste. I'm going to add several more sections. I'm already almost 550 stitches in the ripple section, so yeah. It's going to be awhile.

This is the project I really want to finish because I think it's gonna be great for work. It's a light little cardigan that I'm using totally the wrong yarn for and loving it. It's gonna be too big and totally cozy and perfect for the slightly-more-than-a-t-shirt but not-a-real-sweater that I need at work.

And look, I took some pictures of me wearing my pretty mink cowl! I'm feeling pretty awesome today. It's my day off, so I get to recover from the festival finally. I did my Wii Fit exercises, am down to my lowest weight in a year or so and got past 20 hours on my Wii-piggy-bank thing.
Now to get a bunch more work done on some WIPs! Today is a good day.


  1. Wow, you've been productive. I love that cowl and I can't wait to see what the cardi will look like.

  2. Hey Just wanted to say i love you blog! I wish i could do something like this! I love to crochet and i love your work! This is awesome!