Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tiny Things and Big Things

So my boyfriend does a webcomic called I am ARG ( totally NSFW!) and I'm a pretty big fan. I've already promised him a big plushie for Christmas- he wants to go to local cons next year and have him to put on the table.
Well, I've been reading MochiMochi Land ( and I don't think you can do that without some urge to make something teeny weeny and adorable, so I decided to make a tiny practice plush with some DMC.
Isn't mini-ARG cute? He looks so sad, but that's how he was requested! Big ARG will have more of a menacing look, but that's hard to pull off on a little guys who's only about 2 inches tall.

I finished some big projects too, like this pink fluffy alpaca sweater. I've had my eye on this alpaca in the clearance section at work for ages. It's soooo soft. I've been running a really tight budget, though, so I put one skein of bright turquoise in my shelf in the back to buy someday, sighed longingly at the other colours and went to pet them once in awhile. Then we had a 25% off clearance sale, and all was lost. I came home with 9 skeins of pink, the turquoise and some pink bamboo sock yarn I'd also fallen for.
This sweater was about 7.5 skeins of the pink. I think I'm gonna make legwarmers with the rest.
Not sure if I love the sweater- I'll have to wear it a few times to know. It's a bit shorter than what I wanted, but wiser heads have informed me that alpaca will grow. Here's hoping!
Now to wait until it's cold enough outside to wear this. It'll be a really cuddly skiing sweater.

Mini-ARG is not the only DMC project I've done. Since I started at work, I've been in love with all the incredible colours you can get it in. It's so inexpensive, too. So I started a few jewellery projects with some of the beads I have lying around and some DMC I got at work. Just simple pieces that I can throw on with anything to brighten up an outfit!

My aunt (ok, my Dad's cousin's wife, but close enough!) liked this one so much at Thanksgiving that I ended up making her one. She's a knitter and it's their cottage we all get invited up to for Thanksgiving- I can't say no to someone that nice!

This little pink necklace is a favorite of mine. It's simple and light and adds a nice pop of colour to plain fall outfits.
Did I mention that with the exception of the three coloured necklace, I'm doing these as one floss skein projects? I might publish a little pattern book of inexpensive simple jewellery. They're super quick, too, so they're make great presents. Even with beads the cost for each would be no more than a few dollars, and that's only dependent on which beads you choose.

Ps, here's a picture of my yarn corner as it stands right now in celebration of yesterday's I Love Yarn Day! I tidied it a little and found some yarn that I adore but had somehow forgotten about. But... I need to get through some of my long list of WIPs first!

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  1. would love to see a pattern book.

    I quite like the sweater, cool pooling!