Saturday, December 24, 2011

On My Way!

Tomorrow we head off to holiday things. Some time at Andrew's parents for Christmas, then off to Cuba for a week! I can't wait.

I pulled out my yarn last week to tidy up. Isn't it lovely?

I may have acquired more since...

I finally blocked this shawlette for Andrew's Nan, who is totally awesome. It's made with merino/silk laceweight yumminess. I also got her a dpn case because she makes lots of little baby hats and things.

These practical and lovely little neckwarmers are for my parents. They ski a bunch and I know it's a pain to have water drip down your back... so voila, lovely superwash wool neckwarmers with a bit of a dickey attached.

And my present to me... my dress is only half finished but I am very excited. I needed more yarn and it just so happened that there was more at the warehouse! I am just about the luckiest person ever.
I still have a few more presents to finish... I finished legwarmers for my brother's girlfriend today and I'm working on a few more things for my parents. I also have a sweater with just the arms left to do that I'm bringing along to finish (though I must admit I'm not sure about that... I mean, a whole sweater? I can just leave it in the suitcase that's staying behind and I really want to get it done, but still...)
Anyway, I need to get to sleep. We're catching the train out tomorrow. I need to wind some yarn up first, but bed is calling me...

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Blog Award? Pass it on!

So the lovely and talented Omlair from My Grandmotherly Ways gave me a blog award! How cool!

The award goes to a blog you love that has less than 200 followers. When you receive the award, you then give it to 5 people you deem worthy.

Doing this has seriously reminded me that I don't follow enough blogs. I had five, I swear, but somehow I lost one? Here's my list of 4, anyway:

1) Candiware! Besides being my best bud and a totally awesome person, Candice has this blog where she shows off her adorable and stylish mini food jewellery. Have I mentioned that I've loved miniatures since I was a kid? Yeah, I have, and hers are awesome.

2) Off the Hook Astronomy is the blog of a friend of mine who is a totally awesome knitter and crocheter as well as a really smart scientist-type. She's pretty awesome.

3) Target Wounded is the art blog of a good friend who does some seriously cool digital paintings.

4) Alvin's Blog is the art of an old classmate. He does some really polished and lovely digital paintings that I have always admired.

If I remember who number 5 was, I'll add them back... And yeah, if you have any awesome blogs to recommend, let me know!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Presents and Pretty Yarn

So my stitch night had a party and we did a gift exchange. I got this Noro Retro- I'm so excited! I've never used any Noro before and this seems like a nice one. I mean, it's got angora in it.
I need to find something really special to use it on. Isn't the colour great?

I've really been raiding the discount section at work. This Teddy yarn is super soft. I'm making a cardigan with little ears on it for my adorable little nephew. He's gonna be 1 soon!

These are for various Christmas presents. I only got the two balls of the mulitcolour superwash- I am kicking myself now, because I think they would be awesome and quick to work up socks. The other is a merino blend and it's probably going to be hats. Hats hats hats!

Most likely more of this hat, the Best Guy Hat Ever. It really is. I'm gonna make one in a nice girly colour for me once the holiday is over.
I can't believe I'm not sick of making them yet, but every one is still fun!

Speaking of manly things, I finally wove in the last ends of these mitts awhile ago and just recently handed them over to Andrew as an early christmas present. He's actually been wearing them :D! They look quite nice on him. He says he looks like a hobo, but he likes them.

I also made myself a Boteh scarf out of this Chroma that's been sitting in my stash just waiting for a project. I saw one in a different colourway on the blocking thread over at Rav, and I knew I had to make it. It's finished now and just needs blocking.

This has been put aside for my dress (which fingers crossed I will finish today!) and I think I might need more yarn for it, but I am super excited for it. It's going to be a giant fluffy soft mohair wrap. I'm using Debbie Bliss Angel and Party Angel (basically the sparkly version of the same yarn!) striped in a nice ripple pattern. In hindsight, I probably should have made it less wide to get more length, but I kinda love the ridiculous width. I just don't think I'll have the yarn to make it as long as I want.
Gee darn, more yarn.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An order...

Last week I got a Knitpicks order in the mail. A wonderfully ridiculous order that included 55 balls of yarn and a gift for someone else.

It included yarn for some projects I can't wait to start:

Wool of the Andes for a sweater, as yet undecided. Probably a cardigan. I keep having ideas and then forgetting them on this one!

Telemark for a lovely relaxed cabled sweater- probably the green one from the latest Crochet! (Which, might I add, was surprisingly amazing!)

Some laceweight. The red is for another Dahlia shawl. I love the red version in the magazine and need some more lovely red in my wardrobe. Did you know that red has been proven to make you more attractive? I want to wear more of it- it doesn't hurt that red also looks pretty great on me.
The yellow I've just adored for a long time. The golden colourway is really appealing to me. Although it has more bright green-yellow in it than I expected, I love it and I'm really excited for deciding what pattern I'm going to use.

This is for a plush ARG toy. It's gonna be part of Andrew's christmas present, but I don't really know when I'm gonna get to it. He's already gotten fingerless mitts and a hat, though, so I don't feel too bad.

Then some crayon for a blanket. Not until I finish the other crayon blanket I'm making! That behemoth is gonna haunt me for awhile...
I had to order it, though... they're discontinuing crayon and I LOVE crayon! I'm a little sad- it was what made me make my first KP order.

And this I'm really excited about... Sugarbunny. I am making mitts and a hat and maybe a cowl out of this. Angora. Super soft and lovely and a delightful pink, I can't wait!

I'm not working with any of it yet, though. Right now I'm working with yet more new yarn. I was shelving the new clearance yarn and a bag full of cashmere blend with the help of an enabling coworker ended up coming home with me. I'm making a dress to wear when I go away over New Year's.
I have some more pictures to share- other new yarn and some fun things, but for now I'm gonna get back to the dress. I want to finish it tomorrow and maybe get some other projects a little further along.