Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Early Resolutions

First, this is the new vase my lovely best friend got me for Christmas, sitting on top of the gorgeous end table my brother in law made us. So many handmade things are starting to appear in our house! I love it.

And some wip stuff- this is the cardigan I've been designing, and also the Christmas present of said friend. I finally finished the body, now I'm on to the collar. Then all that's left will be the sleeves and sewing on the closures! I want to finish it for her for actually Christmas, because it means I can also get the testing started. I'm really excited about publishing this one.

This is the insane fingering weight cardi I've been making myself for what seems like a million years. No pattern on this one, although I really ought to write more of these. Still, it's just nice to have a cardi where I can plod about a little aimlessly and not worry too much. I'm really happy with how it's turning out, and I can't wait to see it finished.

This is what inspired me to write a post today, though. Well, not that mess above. It was actually this pin I spotted today. I wanted to see what it would look like if I took a picture of all my wips. All of them.

It looks like this big mess! Sure, some of them are hibernating... but it's still too much. So my resolution, starting now (no time like the present!) is to get down to only 7 wips. I don't mind having lots of wips, but there are 20 (plus one different kind of project) and that's too many even for me.

So here they are numbered, and here's the plan of action:
#1- my critron! I was going to make this huge, but it is teeny yarn and sloooow going. I haven't worked on it in ages, I don't really want to work on it. I'll finish a few more rows then end it as a small shawlette. Giving it away.
#2- laceweight cardigan, what was I thinking. I want to make some serious progress on this. Even if I don't finish it this year, I want to at least get several inches done and importantly, pull out the old cardigan so the second ball of yarn is ready.
#3- Hood. It was going to be a cape, but I'm going to add a quick scarf to it and call it done. Giving it away.
#4- Neon socks. These I've barely started, but they're a quick project.
#5- Heart sweater. It's a pretty tunisian project and I'd like to start it up again. It's going to have colourwork hearts on it.
#6- Drape front cardi. I'm working on this all the time, so it'll be finished soon!
#7- This is a tablecloth my great grandmother made. It's now stained and dirty, with lots of holes. My mom gave it to me to repair, so it's a different kind of project and something I'll just get to one day.
#8- My doily project. It's a long term thing, so I'm not too worried.
#9- Baseball tee! I'm going to bring this on vacation. I'm so psyched to have this finished object, though it's not the most fun to work on.
#10- This was going to be my veil originally. Now I think I'll just finish it and have it as a nice table centrepiece.
#11- This is a shawl I'm making my cousin, and I'd like it to be part of her wedding gift. She's getting married next year.
#12- This is an insane top I pull out once in awhile. I'll be bringing it on vacation too.
#13- I started this shrug as a store sample and just bought the yarn and took it home when the store closed. So I'll be finishing it some day soon.
#14- This is a shawl I'm also excited to finish because it will be simple and cozy and warm
#15- These are totally crazy shorts that I'm not sure I'll ever finish.... but they're fun.
#16- This is the cardigan I'm making my friend, so hopefully it'll be done within the next 2 weeks.
#17- I have to get back to this cardigan! It's going to be great.
#18- This is just a plain granny scarf I'm just working on for fun. I'm not too worried about when it gets done.
#19- This is the fake chainmail I'm making for a costume to wear next year for con season. It just needs to be a bit long and have long sleeves. It's on a huge hook, so it'll be quick.
#20- I've been making this blanket forever. I need to make 7 more large squares, and then it should be a reasonable size. No more motif blankets!
#21- The dress I wanted to wear to my big brother's wedding last year. I ended up deciding spending the time with my nephews would be a better idea, so I just want to finish it to wear this year! It's already a long tank, so it won't be too much longer.

Alright... wish me luck!

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