Sunday, March 6, 2016

Finishing What You Start

 I've finished a few projects recently. This little cowl was finished last month.

 It's a fun pattern, working moss stitch over a thick and thin wool. I used a few handmade wooden buttons I got at the One of a Kind show.

 I finished this hat this weekend. The outside is a wool/silk blend, and the lining is alpaca.

 It's the warmest hat ever.

 The lining took what seemed liked forever, but I worked on a much faster method of slip stitch that sped things up.

 I also finished this sweater, the sweater that I had already finished.

But I pulled out the ribbing and made a hood, and it looks much better.

I'm also almost finished this blanket. I can't believe it. I left out two rows of motifs, but I am sooo sick of this blanket.

It is lovely, though. I will be giving it away because I'm just so tired of it.. but it is lovely.

That will make 3 projects I've finished this weekend, which will put me at 8 projects on the go. Almost down to my goal of 7! Even then I can work on getting to even fewer projects on the go. It will be nice never to get so many on the go again. It'll help keep working down the stash.

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