Friday, March 25, 2016

Well Hello, Beautiful

Several weeks ago, a friend of mine asked if I would come to the yarn store with her, and help her make her first yarn purchases. Well, I'm powerless to resist helping a new crocheter and the lure of the yarn store, so off I went. I ended up arriving before her, so I had some time to wander the store before she and her husband arrived. Strangely enough, I managed to find yarn that I wanted. I know, what a shock.

I got these little balls of baby yarn for baby socks, because baby socks are fun and kinda addictive to make. That, and I love these colours.

I got this lovely wool for an upcoming gift.

And this beautiful stuff... I told myself that it was to stripe with some of the crazy variegated and self striping stuff I have, but it's so gorgeous I may just have to make a lovely neutral sweater with it.

Did I mention this stuff was all on sale? I swear I just hung around too long and the yarn fumes got me. That's why I don't buy nearly as much yarn now that I don't work in a yarn store. The fumes don't have enough time to work their dark powers.

I have actually made my first project with my new yarn- these adorable little baby socks! It used up the whole ball of pink. I have to decide how I'm going to use the other colours. I have other balls of this yarn in my stash, so I'll have to pull it out and find some new combinations. Once I have time.

Last weekend I woke up early on Saturday, and decided to spend the morning shopping. I ended up with a new wallet, a few things for my husband, and these beautiful new shoes.

I'm working on these socks, which I think will be lovely with the shoes. I'm actually past the heel now on the first one.

In the meantime, I wore them with another pair of handmade socks this week, which made me so happy!

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  1. Gorgeous shoes. I too should not have visited the yarn store either this week but I did buy yarn to knit a cardigan for my hubby.