Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sew Many Projects

Just needlin' ya with the bad pun in the title. I've been doing some sewing lately, and have gotten a little bit addicted to make these fleece leggings. Although I only have this one finished pair to show- the others were testers to make adjustments to the pattern. Actually, that's not even accurate- the first pair I wanted to be nice, but I accidentally cut against the stretch, derp.

The second pair I should have made first- I was less excited about that fleece (just plain cream) and did an alright job, but discovered that the person who wrote the pattern clearly has different proportions to me. I've now added the length and height to them that I like.

The first pair fit ok, but was sorta short and tight on the calves and I found the back part not tall enough for my butt. I have some pretty awesome booty, and there was just not room for it. So for this pair, I added a lot of length (although I still want to add another inch to the pattern pieces I made) and added a lot of height to top, especially the back. Now they fit like the coziest sweat pants, but snug enough to be leggings.

Besides the awesome fleece lined knit I made the first pair in, I also have the same fabric in pink and the two blue fleeces shown above to make more pairs in. They only take about 45 minutes to make, so I just have to find a little time. Maybe today- although today I'm helping a good friend move in just down the street, which is so exciting! But perhaps I can carve out time to make a pair. The only question is which fabric do I use first?

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