Friday, March 11, 2011

Current Projects and Good Buys!

Yesterday I gave my sweater a very lazy block. I didn't intend for it to be so lazy, but I ended up deciding that it didn't need more. After all, it's so very drapey when I wear it. It's still drying, so no pictures of how it looks yet- which be assured is nicer than this when worn!

My nephew's baby sweater project is coming along. I've finished the back and front pieces. Need to start on the arms, although I think I'm going to run out of yarn once I get through one. Gee, darn. More yarn buying!

Speaking of more yarn buying, I felt so good yesterday. I was so grown up and responsible! I went to the bank and set up an RRSP and a TSFA. I mean, how very adult, yes?
So of course, I stopped at the Value Village on the way home as a treat. Just for books, you know. But I had to check out the yarn section just in case. Not that I would buy any. Really.

This is what I came home with. About 15 balls of yarn- for 25$. Some of it is pretty plain- the Wool-ease, the Vanna's Choice. Still, they were so cheap and they are very useful. There were some beauties in there- the freedom wool, the super sparkly red yarn (I've been looking for shiney red yarn!) and the belle of the ball, the kid mohair.

Lookit her! She's gorgeous. I fell in love when it was in the little bag in the store, and then when I brought it home- wow! It was starting to felt together just the slightest, but it really wasn't that bad when I caked it. I did wind it twice- once to get it all apart and then again to get a nicer, looser tension on the ball. I could have stood to do it again because I didn't get the most even tension, but I couldn't stand the thought of rewinding 800 m yet a-freakin'-gain.

(I paid 1.99!)

After a most awesome stitch night, in which I finally finished my grey fingerless gloves to a proper length, I came home and decided to wind more. These poor little balls were also thrift store finds. I love the colour but hadn't gotten around to doing anything with them.

Everything I got that day was caked so tight. The poor yarn feels like it's suffocating! The ball on the right is what the three balls on the left started as. It was so tight that even when I had almost re-caked the entire ball, the old ball still stood stiffly on it's own. The yarn looks so happy now. I need to recake a few more, but the ones I have done just look so much more appealing.

Today I want to get some work done on my socks, but I have an important baking adventure to go on first!

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